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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fullhouse Sunway Giza Food Review

I organized a food review at Fullhouse Sunway Giza
since they came out with their NEW MENU.

It's time to try out few of their new food!

Oyster  Mornay 芝士烤生蚝 (RM 15.90/3 pieces)
oyster is fresh from Australia and the cheese blends well as it is spinach based.
IMG_9987e [1024x768]mark

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel 枸杞当归鸡卷  (RM 22.90)
I can accept the herbs sauce as it is not too bitter. Suitable for those who love herbs.
IMG_9989e [1024x768]mark

Al-Funghi Spaghetti 菌菇香料意粉 (RM 14.90)
it's not too dry and oily. A little mild spicy.
IMG_9994e [1024x768]mark

Teriyaki Chicken Burger 铁烧鸡扒汉堡 (RM 17.90)
chicken is not hard, and it is not dry as they have teriyaki sauce with it.
IMG_9997e [1024x768]mark

Braised Lamb Shank 香草纯羊小排 (RM 28.90)
best served with the mashed potato
IMG_9999e [1024x768]mark

Oyster Shooter 果汁生蚝 (RM10.90)
(1) Tomato Celery [red]
(2)  Lemon Grass Lychee [white]
(3) Citrus [yellow] 

I tested (1) and it taste a little sour! Let your throat get ready before you drink this, you might just cough after you drink it.
IMG_0003e [1024x768]mark

Salmon Salad 熏三文鱼芒果沙拉   (RM 16.90)
Deeply in love with the mango, at first I don't even know it's mango until I bite it, it is sweet!
IMG_0006e [1024x768]mark

Clam Chowder 法式奶油蛤蜊汤 (RM 8.90)
 it's a seafood based soup and a little creamy.
IMG_0010e [1024x768]mark

Vongole Spaghetti  (RM 16.90)
contains aromatic butter and it smells good!
IMG_0014e [1024x768]mark

Sear Seabass 日式石甲鱼 (RM 26.90)
not really a big portion and it's not enough for big eater like me. taste average for me.
IMG_0022e [1024x768]mark

choose any 3 out of 6 type of desserts at RM29.90

Profiteros (RM 9.90)
this is the best among all I tested! love the creamy part in between.
 IMG_0036e [1024x768]mark

Creme Brulee (RM 10.90)
it's not too sweet, you can just give it a try.
IMG_0039e [1024x768]mark

Blueberry Cheese Cake (RM 10.90)
IMG_0040e [1024x768]mark

Black Forest Chocolate Cup (RM 13.90)
dip a little of the chocolate cream with the strawberry syrup, awesome!
 IMG_0045e [1024x768]mark

Tiramisu (RM 14.90)
make sure you eat it with the chocolate powder.
IMG_0046e [1024x768]mark

If you are a first timer like me,
I recommend that you try their Best & Fast selling
Wok-Sear Chicken Chop 葡萄干黑椒鸡排酱 (RM 16.90)
most of the people like it including me, and it's the best selling since it is out!
IMG_9991e [1024x768]mark

Foods below are not the new item, but you can give it a try.

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab 香酥软壳蟹 (RM 10.90)
as I treated it as an appetizer, it is very crispy.
IMG_9995e [1024x768]mark

Forest  Mushroom Soup 烤杏仁森林蘑菇汤 (RM 8.90)
mushroom based soup
IMG_0011e [1024x768]mark

Pineapple Chicken Salad 菠萝香酥鸡沙拉 (RM 9.90)
fried chicken with pineapple salad sauce.
 IMG_9998e [1024x768]mark


Vanilla + Dragon Fruit + Strawberry Vanilla Special Ice Blended

Tiramisu + Magic Ball

Peach + Yogurt Magic Ball Special Ice Blended

Vanilla + Kiwi Fruit + Yogurt Magic Ball Special Ice Blended

I ordered the Tiramisu + Magic ball
really like the drinks, especially the magic ball, feels good when it "pop" in your mouth.

Before the session end.
Took photo with the Main Chef of Fullhouse Sunway Giza
IMG_0049 [1024x768]mark

and a Group photo!
with the bloggers.
IMG_0053 [1024x768]mark

Thank you so much for attending!

and lastly thanks Calvin (right) for the food review.
 IMG_0054mark [1024x768]


  1. Invite me along next time! XD I just loooove desserts. and those looks yummy~

    btw, updating the belanga event...

  2. woooah ~ their cheese baked oyster looks so big !
    and seriously , the oyster shooter , really got oyster inside the drinks ah ? won't it be very ...disgusting ? hahaha..
    anyway that's very nice for you to organize such a great food review session ! I wanna join if there's any next time ! hahaha...

  3. oh....have new menu. Must check out one day. love the spaghetti especially.

  4. so yummy.. till today i havent get to try full house :)

  5. you are making me very very hungry. Next time invite me also la if got free food.

  6. nahhhh~~~ we r the 1 shud thank u for inviting us^^ anyway, hope to meet y'all more often in the coming days~~



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