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Friday, October 29, 2010

Final Hennessy Artistry of year 2010

Date: 23 Oct 2010
Time: 9pm
Venue: Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

It's the BIGGEST Hennessy Artistry for year 2010
and I can't wait to party with all my bloggers!

apparently this is my first H-artistry, now you know why I am excited about it.
they are free flow of Hennessy, drink till you vomit.

I registered and get my passes at zone "O" and proceed to the walkway.

with my date Chay Leng
IMG_1091e [1024x768]mark

with the bloggers
IMG_1082e [1024x768]mark
we enter the Art of Mixing Zone, tested out to mix the drinks ourselves 
and also mix some songs at the DJ deck.

went to the photo booth to take our best shot
IMG_1075e [1024x768]mark

next we proceed to the main hall. Not much people there but slowly all the crowd is there.
  wow! 10pm!
IMG_1159e [1024x768]mark

manage to camwhore with the bloggers
Victoria, Jac,
IMG_1121 [1024x768]mark

Joshua, Shannon & Likee
IMG_1133e [1024x768]mark 

Yi Wern & Tian Chad
IMG_1122 [1024x768]mark

Victoria & Jackie
IMG_1119 [1024x768]mark

and here you go with the opening act
IMG_1144e [1024x768]mark

didn't manage to went infront to get Voodoo Spell & Mizz Nina's photo cause I am too enjoying with the others.
ah! some of the Nuffies (Jestina, XinXian, Michelle) were there too
IMG_1148 [1024x768]mark

Xinxian & Yuen Yee
IMG_1124 [1024x768]mark

party-ing half way and Da Mouth is on the stage!
Crazy about Da Mouth?
I straight away run to the photographer area
MC 40
IMG_1230e [1024x768]mark
IMG_1279e [1024x768]mark

IMG_1222e [1024x768]mark

DJ ChunWha
IMG_1275e [1024x768]mark

Harry (Male vocals)
IMG_1305e [1024x768]mark

They are pumping the crowd
*oh yeah!*
IMG_1308e [1024x768]mark
put your hands up!
IMG_1329e [1024x768]mark

seriously she is hot!
IMG_1318e [1024x768]mark

More pictures of her.
IMG_1314 [1024x768]mark
IMG_1243e [1024x768]mark
Aisha, MC40 & Harry
Collage [1024x768]mark
picha with the bloggers
IMG_1127 [1024x768]mark
IMG_1149 [1024x768]mark

this is epic! from a photo of 5 to 15! 
*I squeezed in!*
IMG_1134 [1024x768]mark

next up, on the stage we have
Kardinal Offishall
IMG_1404e [1024x768]mark

IMG_1528 [1024x768]mark
They rap and perform well that night!
Halfway their show, 3 guest is invited up the stage to perform a dance
IMG_1540e [1024x768]mark

see how they perform!
Collage1 [1024x768]mark

guest who is the winner?
The guy with the red cap! His dance move is smooth and sleeky! 
IMG_1553e [1024x768]mark

and he get to dance with them!
IMG_1573e [1024x768]mark

and the last performance by DJ Alex Dreamz
he spin well. he spin songs like DJ Got us falling in love, Like a G6 and etc.
Last round of camwhore photos!
spot yourself!
Jayren, Jamie, Jiayeen & Theng Jee
Collage1 [1024x768]mark

Hooi Nee, Jacklyn, Jeremy, Botakai, Jfook & Li Kee
Collage [1024x768]mark

Edwin, Yi Wern, Nigel, Karyan, Shannon & JunjunRiko
Collage2 [1024x768]mark

and lastly (a surprise)
Dawn Yang
IMG_1588e [1024x768]cmark

 Thanks Chay Leng!


  1. Why the photo Dawn Yang took with you is so pretty and mine is like so ugly. She bias lor. She must be thinking you're more good looking. Ok this is the fact. *Go hide in corner and draw circle* LOL HAHAHAHA.

  2. wow.. this looks fun.. and there are a lot of bloggers there too...

  3. LOL. yeah, dawn yang looks good here! haha! posing summore! jfook kalah ady!

    AISA damn HOT!!! OMGOSHHH!!!

  4. @Jfook, mwahahahaha! Camera problem? cause Joshua's photo with me also, but not yours!

    @Nana Eddy, yeah! it's a great party to have fun with all the bloggers!

    @Nana Lana, HAHA! Aisa's body like perfect shape!

  5. wow... interesting event of the year... too bad I was not there, even in KL too.. :( *sobs*

  6. @Sonny, don't worry H-artistry will have around 5 times a year! wait for 2011!

  7. Da mouth...kind of like their songs..and so nice meeting up so many bloggers =)

  8. @Evelyn, you should join us next time! :)
    hope to see you 1 day!




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