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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shereen's 19th birthday

It was Shereen's 19th Birthday

As part of the organizer, I reached Papa John @ Sunway Pyramid quite early to book seats for the guest.
Called them but unable to book the seats, since it is the puasa period.

Slowly, all the guest arrived one by one.

Baboon with Shereen, Pauline & Nicole
IMG_7424edit [1024x768]mark

Shereen with Steven Corner
IMG_7463 [1024x768]mark

Shereen with Jia Yeen
IMG_7446 [1024x768]mark

Shereen with Eric & Ching Yih
IMG_7460 [1024x768]mark

the ladies
IMG_7458 [1024x768]mark

IMG_7456 [1024x768]mark

Shereen with Hon Leong
IMG_7434 [1024x768]mark

spotted Jason
Shereen [1024x768]mark

If you are sharp enough, most of the guest wear white, unfortunately some of them forget about it.
ahh! It's okay!
 Xiuqi bought
A cup cake for her.
(some of the customers were just stun looking at us, 
celebrate with A cup cake?!) 
IMG_0608edit [1024x768]mark
This is my idea and she used it.

Basically all of us just pretend to be the serious one, but somehow she knew about the fake cupcake and fake birthday card.
I personally ask her after the party.
She is quite professional in organizing all these..what to do? 
She is too smart. PLAN FAIL!

Enough of prank, let's continue with the real cake.

Most probably she is going to finish all the cake, 
cause we are so bloody full!
IMG_0629edit [1024x768]mark

Xiuqi as the main organizer pass her the photo album!
She made some decoration in the photo album, and all our wishes are in inside.

one of the page
      (obviously it me)

and we bought a dress for her.
A group photo before we ciao!
IMG_7475 [1024x768]mark

Hope you really enjoy your party and for the birthday wishes, you can just refer to the album!
Don't forget my birthday is coming soon! :)

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