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Friday, November 5, 2010

20-10-2010 My birthday celebration

It's 20-10-2010
It's my big day!

But it's the Mock Exam week too!
I had been so busy on that week.

The best thing is that I can still have few of my close friends who can celebrate with me on that day.
I know it's the exam week, but really thanks for all of you who present on that day.
Although is only few of you, but it's the heart that matters! <3

I know Shereen and Xiuqi is the organizer.
and they force me to write a blog post dedicated to them! *so evil*

 Attendees: Wai Yeow, Jason, Lam Jie, Chay Leng
20-10 Blog1mark [1024x768]

Beh, Eric, Xiu Qi
20-10 Blogmark [1024x768]

 IMG_0360 [1024x768]mark

Had a celebration at Madam Kwan @ Subang Empire Gallery
straight away rush there after my mock exam.

 *oops* Caught eating
72554_443672973546_731713546_5480482_7264165_ne [1024x768]mark

Blow my cake at about 20:10pm for this special 20-10-2010 day!

Trying to give me a surprise
IMG_0527e [1024x768]mark

Make a wish
*not going to tell you what I wished*
IMG_0535e [1024x768]mark

Happy Birthday Baboon Tan
IMG_0547e [1024x768]mark

damn! It's my birthday and I still need to serve them.
Cutting the cake
IMG_0569e [1024x768]mark

My present from
Shereen, XiuQi, Hon Leong, Chay Leng, Sine Yee, Lam Jie, 
Winnie, Kevang, Amanda, Penny Leong, Jason Tuang, Bryan Fong, Eric Wong 
IMG_0645e [1024x768]mark

Euphoria Men perfume, Bvlgari, Chevyignon
IMG_0654e [1024x768]mark

A special card holder from all my friends!
*you must wondering, card holder?*
and I can't wait to read it!
IMG_0633e [1024x768]mark

and this is really SHOCKING me. * I feel so touched*
Wishes and Messages from so many people!!!
From College friends to Secondary school friends to Blogger's friend.

Guess whose idea? It is Xiu Qi's idea but Shereen did it all.
Can't believe XQ got such creative idea, *I LIKE THAT!*

They create Babebaboon's S/B company
and all the friends is my subordinate :D
IMG_0656e [1024x768]mark

IMG_0631e [1024x768]mark  

A card from Shereen
*pointing the Baboon*
Luckily she inform me that she didn't do the Baboon herself, if not I gonna...
Basically she hire someone to do it.
IMG_0649e [1024x768]mark

Camwhore session!

family portrait?
68840_443686578546_731713546_5480675_4500858_n [1024x768]mark

mirror posing
IMG_0462e [1024x768]mark

IMG_0468e [1024x768]mark

typical Beh style
IMG_0472e [1024x768]mark

the gay
IMG_0511e [1024x768]mark
 Treasurer of the day
Chay Leng
IMG_0621e [1024x768]mark

Thank you so much all! :)
I love the present so much, the perfume and the card holder wishes!

It's a special day for me 20-10-2010 and I am glad that you all accompany me!
All this will keep in my memories forever!


I know it's hard to plan a birthday celebration, and I would like to say thanks
to Shereen and Xiu Qi for co-ordinating the others!
*you may think that she is shy, but she force ask me to blog about her*
IMG_0353 [1024x768]mark

And I know it's the exam week, especially Jason Tuang who is going to have exam on the next day!
Thanks men! I guess this is what we call "brother"? :)

If I miss out anyone, I would like to say Thanks to all of you too! :)


  1. Great birthday you have there. How I wish my friends are like yours too. XD

  2. I like the idea of card holder, creative enuf while memorable. Thatz really making ppl envy, haha~(^o^) Nice friend tat u hv~

  3. yea..agree with jfook! How i wish to have friends like yours! Such a nice celebration~ :D

  4. Shucks I want a card holder like that too! :P

  5. you know chay leng too? 0.0 the world is so small

  6. @Jfook, you don't try to be fake! I know you want my friend :D

    @Joshua, brother I am sure your close friends will do a celebration for you right?

    @CheeChing, haha! it is my Babebaboon's property!

    @Jan, is my close friend too! How you know her?

    @SimYee, thank you! :)

  7. Your pictures show everything and it looks like you had a great b'day 'partay' with you and your mates! Happy birthday :)

    surfs'up -

  8. looks like you had a great time :)

  9. nice! Happy Belated Birthday :)

  10. Henry Tan , see so many ppl jealous of u ~
    summor zha me say i force u blog ! ishhhh
    yr s/b idea is i came up since u r my so called bullshit boss last time ~ hahahahaha
    u shud snap photos of those dept lo ~

  11. @Alvin, thanks for the wish men! :)

    @Ken, definitely! I enjoy a lot with them!

    @Yi Han, thank you!

    @Chuen, thank you!

    @Shereen, LOL! feel proud already is it? going to do 1 post for the present only! then will reveal every page! Don's so gan jeong! But thanks for reminding HAHA! :D

  12. i dun care ah ~ must show all my hardwork ~
    praise me more ~ akakaka ~



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