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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ambank Inspector ATM

Date: 28 Oct 2010
Time: 2pm
Venue: Taylors Lakeside Campus, Lecture Hall 12

Ambank Inspector ATM launch event
is Nuffnang Malaysia Glitterati Plus (G+) official 1ST event to their members!

Proudly invited by them to join the launching.
I reached there sharp at 2pm, after spending some effort of finding parking at Zone H.
(park at the end, and walking under the bloody hot sun, all sweats bursting out)

First thing I saw outside the hall is the Facebook Registration Counter,
IMG_1610 [1024x768]mark

whereby you can Log in your facebook, LIKE their application and you will get a chance to play
the Blowing machine & Grab the paper game.

Here is my attempt. 
Hint: Imma feeling lucky today.
IMG_1626 [1024x768]mark

Grab grab grab!
IMG_1638 [1024x768]mark
Guess what I get? Reveal to you at the end of the post.

Back to the serious part,
Miss Khadijah 
give a short briefing to the bloggers about the Ambank Inspector Atm
IMG_1618 [1024x768]mark

Blogger's serious mood - ON!
IMG_1621 [1024x768]mark

Next, started off with 
Walkthrough of AmBank Inspector ATM 
by Mr. Brad Gravell
(Chief General Manager, Transformation, Sales & Channels 
of AmBank (M) Berhad)
IMG_1671e [1024x768]mark

after all the slide presentation,
The Press Conference
IMG_1694e [1024x768]mark 

A question that I asked them, answered by Mr.Brad Gravell
Q: Security measures is very important, so how do Ambank convince customers to make their transaction at 7-11, since they are expanding widely at 7-11.
A: 7-11 would be a safe place as it have security measures like CCTV. There would be other person like shift workers at 7-11, therefore it would be an add on safety measures. Making a transaction would be also another option for customers, especially for those working night shifts, as 7-11 is open 24 hours.

next, highlights of the day
the OFFICIAL launching ceremony
IMG_1685 [1024x768]mark

groups photos with the G+ member and Nuffies


we proceed to Tarragon Restaurant @ Taylors Lakeside .for our refreshment

a group photo @ Tarragon

and this is what I get after I played the "Blowing machine"
you can grab as many as you want!
IMG_1724 [1024x768]mark

And basically Ambank Inspector ATM
is a contest on Facebook. ( CLICK HERE for the LINK)

In order to join the contest (follow the steps below)
1. LIKE the Ambank Inspector ATM facebook page.
2. CLICK the "Join Contest!" tab
3. REGISTER with your details
4. Perform a transaction at Ambank ATM : 7-11 outlets (to get the ATM ID on receipt)
5. Take a photo of yourself with the Ambank ATM ( as creative as possible)
6. UPLOAD the photos. ( you can only upload it if you had registered)

P/S: For more details instructions, click on the "INSTRUCTIONS" at Main page after you register

Now you will need to start collecting points on Facebook to win amazing prize.

HOW do you collect points?
1. You can get votes for your photos
2. Play the Ambank Inspector ATM "spot the difference" game
3. Vote for other participant's photos.

Highest point for the week ( 1 weekly prize x 8 weeks)
- Electronic Gadgets

Highest point overall
1 X Ipad and Iphone 4

Most voted photos
1 X Canon EOS DSLR

Enjoy the game and Good luck!

(This is an advertorial post)


  1. The contest sound so complicated wey.

  2. @Supia, try read the instruction at the Facebook page. If don't understand you can tell me.

  3. lol alot of voucher! go 711 everyday =P

  4. @Kian Fai, haha go 711 everyday? you think I win RM1k ah?



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