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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Double Boon birthday celebration

Date: 22 Oct 2010
Time: 7pm
Venue: Chilis @ Empire Gallery

Another birthday celebration with Boon Siew!
we name it the Double Boon's birthday

I remember previous year we celebrated together at Delicious (BlogPost)
and straight after that we went to club at Quattro.

This year we celebrate together again! And we went to Mist Club after the dinner.

Attendees: Ching Yoon, Hon Leong, Eric, Wee Liang, Chay Leng, Beh, Zhong Yuan, Daniel, Michelle, Munn Sing, Joovee.

Joovee, Wee Liang, Chay Leng, Jason, Eric, 
Ching Yoon, Boon Siew, Zhong Yuan, Daniel
FB upload blog can use [1024x768]

22 Oct Double Boon Birthday (FB) [1024x768]

with Daniel and Eric
IMG_0917mark [1024x768]

 my phone is out of battery
IMG_0993mark [1024x768]

Ice cream cake!
IMG_0936mark [1024x768]

lighting up the candle
IMG_0942mark [1024x768]

double BOON
IMG_0953emark [1024x768]

I know it seems a little gay
IMG_0969emark [1024x768]

Met up with some friends at Mist club.
Apparently, Calvin and Adam were there too.

see how they treat me
*10sec* =(

I am so tired and active from 6am till 6am. OMG!
Stupid Jason and Beh is like so active till 6am! Keep on quarrel and fighting for pillow!

Thank you so much everyone!! It's a post celebration and I love it :)
Love you guys and girls!




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