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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Magnum Movie Nite 3D : Tron Legacy

Have you watch the trailer for Tron Legacy 3D ?
(over 2 million views from Youtube)

Yes I can't wait for this movie in 3D, just based on watching the trailer, I can see how great the 3D effects is!
I am sure you don't want to miss it!

Thanks to Magnum for the previous movie : The Other Guys.
Hopefully I can get tickets for this round.

My suggestion would be open up an interactive events!
Bloggers like us don't just go for events, but we are friendly enough to communicate and meet new friends!

Magnum should create an event and invite the online community to participate.
If it's possible collaborate with an outstanding events,
for example Concerts, World Stage, Aurthur's day and etc.

Make it a 12 hours event,
(I know it's going to be tiring but as long as it's fun! WHY NOT?)

Morning: Ice breaking session ( know each other )
Afternoon: Lunch - with games ( Treasure Hunt @ Sunway Lagoon or Charity)
Evening : Dinner - ready for concerts
Night: Party with concerts

It's going to be a fun day 
especially the Treasure Hunt @ Sunway Lagoon !
Get wet, meet new friends and win amazing prizes!

Further more, Charity events like helping the old fox. We don't just enjoy events, we tend to help people who need us! :)

Give some break time after the treasure hunt and at night all of us are going to enjoy the Concert.

Isn't it better after bonding with each other through games, rather than just attend a event without knowing each other?
That's my key point. INTERACTIVE
We get to meet new friends increase our social network!

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  1. I will certainly watch this at my internet tv software. Quite sounds interesting..



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