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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My 2010 birthday present

 If you miss out my birthday celebration post, here is it.
20-10-2010 and Double Boon celebration

Have to reveal the present here, cause I am so touched. :)

Wishes from all my friends, collected and compiled into a card holder by Shereen.
Idea from Xiu Qi.

IMG_1948 [1024x768]mark

Thanks to Shereen, Xiu Qi, Chay Leng, Ying Zhen, Sine Yee, Winnie Woo, Jason Tuang, Wai Yeow, Hon Leong, Eric, Jennifer Chua, Zu Peng, Amanda Looi, Penny Leong, Wan Yee, Vivian, Lam Jie, Alfred Kong, Stevan Tan, Sian Seong, Kevang Jiun, Bryan Fong, Michelle Thong, Munn Sing, and Daniel Lim
(my SUC friends)

Farhan, Wei Jie, Kai Lin, Astin, Debbie, Jolene, Jia Yi, Emily Lu, Tracy Cheong, Danielle, Emily Chong, Yong Liang, Fiona Wong, and Shuxuan (my high school friends)

Ching Yih, Cayenne Lim, Wilee, Shii Teck, Wendy Chua, Carmen Cheang, Xiao Tong, Tony Teh, Spectre Phang, Chloe Misuko, Richard Teo, Jian Yuan, Wen Yi, Liki, Jia Yeen, Jayren, Henry Lee, Shannon and Feeq ( my cool blogger friends )

Birthday gift from Wee Liang ( 2nd brother) and Joovee
a polo T from Padini

Birtday gift from Zu Peng (3rd brother)
A "love" condom, ( practice makes perfect? )
A G-string ( I remember I give him His first G-string as present and this is my first G-string too)
 and A Be@rBrick coded B stands for Baboon

 Zu Peng's present

Present from
Shereen, Hon Leong, Chay Leng, Sine Yee, Lam Jie, Amanda, 
Winnie, Kevang, Penny, Jason Tuang, Bryan Fong, Xiu Qi and Eric.

IMG_2002 [1024x768]mark

Guess what's inside?
(seriously I love the Euphoria)
IMG_1997 [1024x768]mark

A card from Shereen
(she ask someone to do it for me)
IMG_2001 [1024x768]mark

and lastly Leng's wishes

Hey, Happy Birthday oh!!! 我真的觉得很幸运有你那么一个朋友。庆幸这一路来有你陪我走过人生的那么一段路。虽然认识你至今只有短短的两年,但我们却一起经历了不少的事,一起笑,应 该还没有一起哭吧?Lol. 你算是最能忍受我坏脾气的人了,真的谢谢你这些日子以来的包容与关心。今天是你19岁的生日,希望未来的日子里,任何事情都能如你所愿,并认真地投入一段 感情!LOL!! 愿你幸福快乐,我的朋友!=)

Awww~! <3 all my friends!


  1. wow! envy... u got so many presents!

  2. Leng so sweeet...You're so lucky to have them as your friends..

  3. @Simon, awww! :)

    @Jfook, haha Looks like somebody is jealous?

  4. woa! banyaknye presents!happy birthday bro

  5. haha i like the 3D card.Its a baboon?lol



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