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Thursday, December 29, 2011

VOTE for our future

It seems like the general election is coming really soon!
I'm not sure, but what Najib says:"General Election Can Be Held Anytime, Not Bound By Committee On Electoral Reform." Source: BERNAMA ,Aug 19 2011

Any citizens who attained 21 years old are eligible to vote!

Other requirement to register as voters are as follows:

(A) a citizen of Malaysia;
(B) has attained the age of 21 years;
(C) resident in the constituency to be registered; and
(D) not barred / disqualified by the law in force.

Most of them are lazy to register as a voter, as Malaysia have 3.7million people who are eligible to vote but had not registered themselves. (Source: Sinar Harian)

If you are not sure where to register, check out HERE.
There will be a list of places on where to register.
SPR will also be conducting road shows or set up booths for the ease of citizens to register as a voter.

You have your rights to determine the parties to run the country, this is our rights as a Malaysian.

Remember, exercise your vote as a responsible voter!

Some quick facts!
Did you know that the determination of the Voting Centre Locality and you are determined according to the address listed in your Identity Card. Therefore, to apply for change of address of Polling Centre, you need to change your current address in your IC first National Registration Department (NRD). To request a change in the Voting Center, you must appear in person with the Identity Card or Receipt While AGC to any office of the EC or the EC Registration Counter in the country or in any Post Office (computerized) throughout the country.

For any other information, kindly visit

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Heineken The Opener apps

jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way...

Yeah, I'm sure all of you are busy preparing for Christmas and don't forget that Chinese New Year is coming too!
Are you busy shopping right now? buy new clothes, buy Christmas gifts and etc.

Yes me too, but I won't forget to check out the new apps call 
The Opener 
every time I visit shopping malls.
I'm sure you wanna know why.
Such great apps doesn't just allow you to play games, you can get rewards too!

Check out the rewards I get
RM50 iTunes voucher

Since most of the festive season is coming soon. You must be cracking your head what to buy uncle, aunty, cousin and etc. 
Don't worry, you don't have to crack your head thinking what to buy. I have a good suggestion!

You can always pass the rewards you win from Heineken The Opener apps to your friends.
Just click the SHARE and follow the instructions.
Kind enough?

But before you start earning rewards, you got to know how to play The Opener apps!
you will see the Heineken Bottle Caps
 located on the map indicated where you need to be to find bottles

Tap the bottle cap 
once you are nearby the location (approx 50m near)

and then you will need to follow instructions
(Move more to the left/right to locate Heineken bottle)
Once you locate it
Flick your phone to open it

Next, Heineken bottle will fill up the cup
and your rewards will appear.

You just have to keep on collecting rewards, and you can decide whether to share it to your friends or not.

Start downloading the apps HERE from iTunes and enjoy the rewards.
For more info you can visit Heineken facebook.

I'm sure you won't wanna miss the chance to share rewards to your friends during this festive season!

Happy Holidays! :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Victoria Station Christmas Turkey

A perfect recipe makes a perfect turkey. Be the perfect host this Christmas by serving up an awesome Victoria Station Christmas Turkey. Carefully hand-picked and generously stuffed to the brim with fragrant chestnut fillings, each bird is slowly roasted to golden perfection according to a 3-generation recipe. Delicious, wholesome and simply irresistable.
Now, you don't have to be a chef to enjoy good food!
Only at RM298+*, from 1st December till 1st January, 2012.

Takeaway orders only.
Please call +6017.282.8666 to order

* + 6% Government tax applies.

1.As we take time and care to prepare the best turkey for you, all turkeys must be booked 5 days in advance.
2.Collection time for your turkey will be between 12 noon - 8pm. Please advise us on what time your party will be held and we will arrange the best time to prepare your turkey.
3.Kindly collect your turkey from a Victoria Station nearest to you. Should you want to collect from any of our other outlets, please inform us during your order.
4.We source the plumpest turkeys we can find. As such, all of our turkeys weigh in between 4.5kg to 5kg. If you're serving a large group of guests, we recommend getting more than one turkey.
5.As we use the choicest ingredients and oven roast our turkeys to golden perfection for 4-5 tedious hours, our turkeys retail at RM298+ per bird.
6.All our turkeys come with chestnut stuffing, 10 pieces of Chicken Sausages, 1 tub of Parsley Potatoes, 1 tub of VS homemade Turkey Sauce & 1 tub of Cranberry Sauce.
7.Owing to the uncertainty of supply of raw produce, the management reserves the right to change the items mentioned in the package.

I used to have their turkey every Christmas, it will be the same for this year too!
Book now! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cafe Barbera (Sunway Pyramid) review

A newly opened Cafe at Sunway Pyramid. Cafe Barbera located at the opposite of Kim Gary.
IMG_7667 [Desktop Resolution]mark

I wouldn't mind enjoying a cup of coffee here again after the review. Look out for the review below.

First of all, the environment. You definitely want a good environment to chill.

Indoor area (non smoking)
I will definitely choose here, more chilling!
IMG_7739e [Desktop Resolution]mark

It can accommodate up to a group of 10pax.
spot the large table in the middle
IMG_7737e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Outdoor area (smoking) is slightly hot, even it's with fan on.

Start with DRINKS
Napoli (RM12)
love the heavy coffee taste
IMG_7635e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Double Toasted Latte (RM11)
it's too creamy for me, would prefer a stronger coffee taste drink.
IMG_7632e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Cappuccino Shakerato (RM11)
This would be the best seller among all! Wouldn't mind to drink 2 glass of it.
IMG_7671 copy [Desktop Resolution]mark

Roma (RM12)
Didn't really like the taste, it's kinda bitter sweet.
IMG_7694e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Cappuccino Fredo
IMG_7679 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Espresso Shakerato (RM10)
would prefer this, more caffeine!
IMG_7696e [Desktop Resolution]mark

my favorite
Affogato (RM11)
love how the hot and cold mixes well, *slurp and finish it in 10sec*
Chosen2 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Cafe Barbera Coffee
IMG_7813 copy [Desktop Resolution]mark

Didn't have those ice blended drinks like Starbucks, but the coffees like Cappuccino Shakerato, Napoli and Affogato you must really try it.

Coffees are always best accompany with pastries, 
Multigrain Croissant (RM8)
IMG_7653 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Butter Croissant (RM7)
IMG_7650 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Why not try to drink a sip of coffee and eat the crunchy croissant. I hand teared the croissant and it was really so crunchy that I wouldn't want to wait another minute to eat it.


Smoked Salmon Bruschetta RM19.00
Sliced of smoked salmon with olive oil, capers, dill and rocket salad served on toast
*salmon was fresh best served with crunchy toast*
IMG_7700 copy [Desktop Resolution]mark

Spinach and Cheese Spring Roll RM14.00
Rolled spinach with emmental cheese
IMG_7690 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Rolled Smoked Duck Salad RM20.00
Rolled smoked duck with mixed mesclun tossed with cherry tomato, coffee dressing and orange citrus.
*Highly recommended*
at first I didn't know what meat is that, until someone told me. 
I love the taste of duck, is like something so special that I never tasted it before
and it's so tender and overall it's kinda juicy when mixed with the dressing.

IMG_7688 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Pizza in the making
Chosen1 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Pesto, Cheese and Mushroom Pizza RM26.00
Topped with tomato sauce, pesto with mushroom, onion, black olive, 
garlic oil, parmesan and mozzarella cheese.
IMG_7744copy [Desktop Resolution]mark

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza RM26.00
Tomato sauce, chicken meat, onion, peppers, chunky pineapple and mozzarella cheese 
IMG_7747 [Desktop Resolution]mark

The pizza is in Personal size. It's kinda normal like most of the pizza out there.

Beef Carbonara RM26.00
Fettuccine with sliced mushroom, beef and egg yolk in cream sauce
IMG_7758 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Salmon Aglio Olio RM29.00
Pan fried salmon fillet topped with homemade caper sauce on bed of spaghetti aglio olio 
IMG_7754 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Prawn Aglio Olio RM29.00
Spaghetti cooked with prawns, olive oil, garlic, chillis, fresh basil and sundried tomato.
IMG_7748 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Chicken Lasagna RM25.00
Layers of pasta, béchamel, cheese, spinach and minced chicken; baked in oven 
IMG_7760 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Try the Salmon Aglio Olio and Prawn Aglio Olio, but it's a little spicy, good for spicy lover like me.
Chicken Lasagna is a little dry, maybe cause of the cheese.

Braised Lamb Shank RM39.00
Braised lamb shank with vegetables, served with fettuccine and grapes.
*lamb meat is tender, not really strong gamey smell after trying it.
 I really get turn off if it is too gamey*
IMG_7785 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Grilled Tenderloin RM49.00
Served with sautéed baby potatoes, vegetables and green peppercorn sauce.
it's more like medium well when served but I can still accept it.
IMG_7779copy [Desktop Resolution]mark

Stuffed Chicken Parcel RM33.00. 
Stuffed chicken thigh with spinach, carrot, capsicum, turkey ham and mozzarella cheese, 
served with mashed potato and mushroom sauce
IMG_7775emark [Desktop Resolution]

Chocolate Fondant RM14.00
Molten chocolate pudding served with vanilla ice-cream 
*Highly recommended*
*rich with chocolate taste pudding and the vanilla really enhance the taste*
IMG_7811 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Tiramisu RM12.00
House specialty tiramisu
IMG_7800 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Pear Crumble RM14.00
Served with fresh pear and vanilla ice-cream 
IMG_7806 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Lastly, Group Photo
IMG_7827e [Desktop Resolution]mark

and also thanks to Shannon Chow
for the invite!
IMG_7711 [Desktop Resolution]mark


New Daily Breakfast Lite @ RM9+ with freshly baked pastry and a cup of Barbera's coffee, OR ADD RM2 for additional freshly baked pastry with any drinks purchased at Café Barbera Sunway Pyramid.

OB2-C7-42, Oasis, Boulevard Two,
Sunway Pyramid, 
Bandar Sunway, Selangor. Malaysia
(Located Opposite of Parkson)
Tel: +6 03 5622186

Twitter: @BarberaCoffeeMY

The review is based on my personal opinion and for reference purpose only.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Exclamation Point- Jay Chou 惊叹号-周杰伦

Album Name: Exclamation Point,  惊叹号
Release Date: 11.11.2011

This is the 11th Album by Jay Chou.
As usual you will expect surprises from most of his music album, including this one. As stated by his album name, Exclamation Point!

Basically 3 types of album is available.
1. Deluxe Edition RM125.90
(Suitcase packaging- 1CD+1DVD, Lyrics, Keychain, Notebook, Postcard)
2. Limited Edition USB version RM279.90
(consists of anchor-shaped USB and a 3-D lyrics booklet + a poster in a protective tube)

3. Local Edition RM56.60
IMG_7618mark [Desktop Resolution]

I bought the Deluxe Edition, so let's have an overview of the outlook of his Deluxe Edition album.
Front Look
IMG_7589mark [Desktop Resolution]

Back Look
IMG_7590mark [Desktop Resolution]

The Suitcase ( Front/Back)
New Folder3mark [Desktop Resolution]

CD+ DVD, Key Chain, Notebook, Postcard
Chosenmark [Desktop Resolution]

Lyrics book
using sailor as a main concept
New Folder5mark [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_7587mark [Desktop Resolution]

Album with Merchandise Item
IMG_7611mark [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_7612mark [Desktop Resolution]

01. 驚嘆號
02. 迷魂曲
03. Mine Mine*
04. 公主病*
05. 你好嗎*
06. 療傷燒肉粽*
07. 琴傷*
08. 水手怕水
09. 世界未末日*
10. 皮影戲
11. 超跑女神

(Tracks with * are Personally Recommended Tracks)

1. 驚嘆號 MV
2. 迷魂曲 MV

This post is for sharing purpose only!


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