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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Focus Point Media Appreciation in conjunction with WazzUp opening

Date: 19 January 2011
Time: 11am
Venue: Wazzup, Sunway Pyramid

It's the 
Focus Point Media Appreciation 
in conjunction with 
at Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.
IMG_3210emark [1024x768]
I were proudly invited by Focus Point to join this event.
I am able to bring 5 bloggers along,
so I invited bloggers who are interested HERE (blogpost)

Nana, Xiang, Feeq, Liki and Jia Yeen
who join along that day.
IMG_3225emark [1024x768]

All the media arrives
IMG_3243emark [1024x768]
Opening starts with
Miss Kim ( the CEO of Focus Point ) giving a speech.
IMG_3234emark [1024x768]

She is the one who brought up the concept of Wazzup and it is because of her son who inspires her.
Her son asked Miss Kim, "Why is it every optical shop looks the same, why not something different?"
And there goes Miss Kim came out with this idea,
the trendy and welcoming environment with a range of fashionable and affordable eyewear optical shop WAZZUP.

Performance by KouJee (Beatbox) 
IMG_3247emark [1024x768]

and Mustang crew with dancing performance
Recently Updatedmark [1024x768]

 Check out the video below
for their performance.
(taken with iPhone)

Next we are giving a chance to try out their eyewear.
Paul Frank series had just arrived,
(as they haven't put the price tag)
IMG_3213mark [1024x768]

I personally love Paul Frank like how I love Baboon
IMG_3222mark [1024x768]

Jia Yeen, Liki and I (Top)
wearing the Paul Frank series
Recently Updated3mark [1024x768]

A specially design corner for Evisu eyewear
bet that you never see such unique design to hang the eyewear
IMG_3216mark [1024x768]

The sexy and more funky eyewear
(it's not for sale)
IMG_3273mark [1024x768]

IMG_3261mark [1024x768]

And lastly we proceed to Avanti Italian - American Ristorante at
Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa
to have our lunch.
Collagemark [1024x768]

Main course - Lamb
( I feel extremely good eating medium rare lamb)
IMG_3295mark [1024x768]

or Cod Fish
IMG_3293mark [1024x768]

Thank you so much Focus Point and Miss Kim
for the great opportunity to join this event.

And yeah great news for all of you, there is a 50% discount on selected items,
do drop by Wazzup for more info alright? :)

For more info please visit
Focus Point Facebook : Click Here
Wazzup Facebook: Click Here


  1. omg i like medium rare lamb i pass by the shop last week n its inner decorations are quite cool eh XD

  2. Din visit this site quite some time. Looks like you changed your hairstyle from the last photo...

  3. I saw this shop alrdy before their opening (: Next time got events like this, I wanna go too!

  4. Hehehe~ I saw myself in ur post =P

  5. cool eyewear...that day i passed by i saw the super duper big specs, chio much!

  6. vooots i love the quality of the photos! (:



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