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Thursday, January 20, 2011

LMFAO party at Euphoria (Ministry of Sound)

Date: 19 Jan 2011
Time: 12am
Venue: Euphoria (Ministry of Sound), Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

I wanted to blog it live but the 3G network is not working,
so I will just have to edit it today and post it here!

was so full and pack with people whereby you can't even move on the dance floor.
It was great watching LMFAO, but their performace for about 1 hour is not enough for party people like us.

This is the Opening set of LMFAO at about 12am.
Everyone is so excited.
(Enjoy the video)

I didn't manage to record other LMFAO's performance like
Getting Over You, Shots, and etc. cause I were too busy partying lol.
(Points my finger to my gang)

Let's hope they will be back next year.



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