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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Step Closer to the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

What's Om Nom Nom? It's simple means FOOD

Maxis is organizing a Food Race
which is the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race

but it looks more like an "amazing race" challenge for me.
Why? *just continue read my post*

We are required to drive around and look for 5 different locations by using the clues and instructions on how to find the next location.
For each location, we will be served with the venue's best dishes.

Imagine I am part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race...
I get enjoy all the best dishes in 5 different locations! 
and of course this would be my FIRST race in my life ! 
I can't wait to drive around with my gang and compete with the other 14 teams
to win the 1st prize ( a trip to Hong Kong 3D2N with 5 star accomodation)

I love trying out new things, and experience different things.
Maxis Om Nom Nom race will be perfect!

We are required to drive around right? Now that is what I call an exciting race!
Maxis will be providing us an 
iPhone 4 (with Finder301 apps and GPS applications installed), a laptop 
and Maxis wireless broadband modem to assist with our tasks.
Imagine I am part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race...
Wow! Using the latest gadget for the race? That would be a new experience for me.

*Downloading the Finder301 apps* 
LINK: to view the Finder301 apps from Maxis at iTunes
 I downloaded the Finder301 apps!
I will need to train myself to use this apps before everyone else. *Kiasu*
It's not Kiasu, I am just getting myself ready for the race.

For example here, If I am looking for Snow Flakes at ss15
I will type at the SEARCH

By clicking the Direction sign next to the 42m
this message will appear
and you will just need to follow the Google Map directions.

We will be using the Maxis Wireless Broadband Modem to connect to the internet,
as we are required to blog about the food after enjoying the dishes.
For more info about the Maxis Broadband. Click Here

 Imagine I am part of this Maxis Om Nom Nom Race...
I will be able to share to my blog readers about the best dishes I had at the race.

After reading the post about the Maxis Om Nom Nom Race,
I quickly gather 3 more members, who is also interested in joining the race.


Suresh Ryan
 who loves photography! Guess that he will snap all the ''yummylicious'' food.
"I'm pumped up for the race, and I'm gonna nom nom my way to the finish line!"

who have a good sense of direction. He will need to direct us to the location.
"A food hunting Maxis Om Nom Nom Race~ This is just so perfect for food lovers like me!"

who loves food a lot, I will really need your comments on the food.
"om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nomn *continues nomming*! "

Baboon ( Me )
who loves to drive around and look for delicious food.
"I am super excited with this event, can't wait to experience the "Amazing Race" in the Maxis Nom Nom way! Will try our best to win this race! *screams*"

 Can you guess something common about us?
(Hint: Look at the pictures above)
Suresh starring at the Pizza
Joshua biting his McDonald burger
Karyan can't wait to eat the curry mee and
Baboon - I wanna eat the mighty meaty chicken

We are the food hunger, promise to take down all the food during the race! :)

P/S: Click on their names to check out their blog post!

We look perfect for this race right?
We are well equipped from different angle,
Physicaly - Check
Mentally - Check
Spirit - Check
Teamwork - Check
Umbrella - Check
Car ("ferari") - Check
Team name - Check

and what we left is to enter the race, we shall let Nuffnang decide.
I am wearing M size for T-shirts !

For more info about the race - Click Here
For the Finder 301 apps from Maxis - Click Here
For the Maxis Wireless Broadband - Click Here



  1. all the best..nice planning before race

  2. @Henry and Nikel thank you so much!

  3. I like yr post :D All the best you guyssss!

  4. good luck! i joined the contest too hopefully im eligible~ >.<



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