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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Innit-er "Lou Sang" party!

Date: 29 Jan 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Restaurant Sri Melaka @ 1 utama

Chinese New Year is coming!
*Huat ah*
IMG_3382 [1024x768]mark

Henry Munkey Calling ALL innit-ers...
Where are you guys?
IMG_3316 [1024x768]mark

This is my first time joining the Innit-ers'gathering, kinda shy cool to meet new friends!
Didn't know that they are so crazy until... ( just continue read )

Guess who is the organizer who is able to gather 30 peeps to join this gathering?
Xing ( the 2nd girl from Left) 
IMG_3444 [1024x768]mark

Few of us reached at 8pm so we ordered first.
Varieties of Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak and Fried Mee
Innit Blog upload 2 [1024x768]mark

Have to interact with the bloggers, since I am new there!

From the top to bottom
1. Edwin, Yennie, Chuen, Shah (Teh Tarik), Nana and Jia Yeen
4. Spectre, Yennie, Bernard
5. Edwin, Nana, Jia Yeen, Yennie and I
Innit blog-upload1 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Introducing Stephanie
oh no! I mean Stephanie introducing 
Henry Munkey and Henry Baboon
IMG_3446 [1024x768]mark

1. Simon, Shah, Elias and I
2. Jayren, Tonin, Henry (standing), Eli, Tikkos
3. Cayenne, Bernard, Yennie, Jessy, Spectre and Henry (standing)
4. Yeeing (standing), Chuen (standing), Stephanie, Labi
5. Jia Yeen, Edwin and I

Innit blog-upload [Desktop Resolution]mark

Halfway through, the group of 2nd table..
Crazy!  The manager was like, eh I want to do business k?
IMG_3335 [1024x768]mark

and yeah it's our turn to "Lou" Yee Sang
IMG_3380 [1024x768]mark

"Lou!" the higher the more traffic for your blog!
spot Kian Fai next to me!
Innit blog-upload2 [Desktop Resolution]mark

well this group is a little mad, 
they don't "Lou" sang, they "Lou" hand lol
*look at the end product*
Innit blog-upload3e [Desktop Resolution]mark

So this is the last group to "Lou sang"
Tikkos hijacking again!
Ysquare, Carmen , and Joey
IMG_3434 [1024x768]mark

GROUP photo
* I wonder who asked us to post the NN post*  
Spot the shining hair - Glam  and also Melisa
IMG_3455e [1024x768]mark

Thank you so much to the photographers!
IMG_3459 [1024x768]mark

BYE everyone!
*guess who is this*
IMG_3465 [1024x768]mark

I hope I didn't miss anyone in my blog post ! :)
Hope to see you all next gathering! 


  1. Aww! Everytime I see lousang blogpost it makes me miss the night so much! Nice post! I haven update mine yet :p

  2. u guys really really hardworking lol~NICE!

  3. Hey bro, long time no see! Lou sang din ajak me haha

  4. damn you people keep on making me jealous with your lou sang post >:( i also want to go. D:

  5. nice to meet u too! :)
    wishing u & ur family happy cny. :)

  6. wah nice post. very detailed and u didnt miss a thing. reminds me so much of the night weh!

  7. Awesome post ! Happy CNY Baboon ! =D

  8. Nice gathering. How to attend this kind of event? I'm still a newbie :)

  9. LOL big time at Qiwen lololol! Low low profile is here to visit :P

  10. wah almost everyone was wearing pink or red! so prosperous ang ang ang!

  11. Awesome until the last photo =p reading this with my phone now as house no electricity right after being flooded.. nice to meet u =)

  12. ooooo. lim pek bo di hia. sien......

  13. @yeeing, faster update! i wanna read your post!
    @kuro, that means you are very lazy?
    @jfook, I know you are at your hometown :D
    @prisciella, next time join us k? :)
    @Kian Fai, yeah "small" right?
    @Sherry, nice meeting you too! :)
    @Sim Yee, serious? LOL! I thought it's rather too simple!
    @Jayren, Happy CNY to you too!
    @luking saw, actually we planned at facebook and etc! :)
    @tehtarik, long time didn't see you! Hope you enjoy lou sang with us!
    @CW, I took my time not to mention you! :P
    @XCB, yeah! when you want join us?
    @QiWen, I didn't took that photo, someone else took it!
    @Nana eddy, thanks wei! :)
    @Glow, you will join us next round!
    @John, I tak faham! :D



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