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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid review

Just let me tell you some of my first impression towards Tune Talk telco company.
They are new telco company, which I first heard from Hitz.FM last year.
So I didn't really bother to know about the rates and benefits of Tune Talk mobile prepaid.

So now having a chance to review the Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid,
I get to know more info about

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid.
IMG_5319 [1024x768]mark

Personally for me, I focus on the RATES telco company is offering.
As a consumer we should really know what are we paying for, and not just get attracted by the marketing messages that confuse the consumers .

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid offers one Flat Rates nationwide 
For every calls is 16sen/min
For every SMS is 5sen/SMS
and 5 sen/MB data
(call and SMS to all other telco company in Malaysia is at the same rate stated above)
(with this , we can avoid having 2 phones with 2 different service provider , convenient & easy ! )

This is what I like about Tune Talk,
Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime!
You know it's getting more complicated now (you can switch your telco service company and also retain your number) whereby you don't know your friends are using the same telco services as yours.
So why not just choose a Flat rate prepaid?

That is not all , you will also get benefits like :
Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa
(You will have to top up a Minimum of RM30 within 30 days of activation and remain an active subscriber at least 60 days. Retain the snap off portion of your Sim card as it is your PA Certificate Number)

Earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights for every top up
(only Telco that rewards you with free Air Asia flights). Points NEVER expire.
IMG_5316 [1024x768]mark

Option to change your number anytime without changing SIM card.
For me, it's good if I want to avoid someone, just change the number easily through the website.

For RM30 top up , it is valid for 50 days
whereas RM50 is valid for 75 days.
(my current service provider offers RM30 valid for 30days and RM50 for 50 days)

Top Ups are available at Authorized Dealers Nationwide.

Lowest IDD rates is also available starting from 14sen per minute.
(It is good for foreigners who always call back to their country)
IMG_5312 [1024x768]mark

When I received the SIM pack, I'm stuck on how to activate and it seems like there is some problem.
So what I do is that I contacted the Website Live Chat.
Apparently, there is someone who really assist me.
First time get assist through Live Chat!

Thanks to the staff named Logan who assist me.

After sending an e-mail to them on that night itself, the next morning my account is activated, and I can start using Tune Talk mobile prepaid.

Based on my experience above, it's really an efficient customer service.
And for the network coverage, it seems quite stable cause it's using Celcom Network.

All rates and information are correct at time of published, subject to change from the company.
For more info about Tune Talk, visit


  1. do they offer daily internet usage like digi? rm2/day?

  2. wah.. can activate via on9.. very cool

  3. @Henry Lee, no! Pay as u use! Not like digi RM2/day!

    @Nikel, yeah! but normally once you get it at dealer, they will verify for you!

  4. Simple yet detailed review (Y) I havent done mine yet DIE DIE DIE ):



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