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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Frames Sunway Pyramid

Date: 6 March 2011
Time: 7pm
Venue: Frames @ Sunway Pyramid

First time ever joining a bloggers to buy deals online and had dinner together!
Thanks to Kian Fai who organized it.
IMG_5389 [1024x768]mark
It's a great deal!
I purchased a voucher which consists of Gamberi Tomato Bruschettas+any pastas+any burger+2 free Iced Lemon Tea for only RM 29.90! And it's for Two pax!

Pyramid parking is so bloody full and jam as usual!
So arrived kinda late but thank god, someone is later!

I waited for about 45mins with Genee to get my Beef Lasagne (middle)
*It was tasty after all, just that it's a little small portion for a guy,*
F [1024x768]mark

The others waited for quite long too, I think the Kitchen is not ready to serve 26 customers.
For the drinks - ice lemon tea, is not standardize at all. Some with less ice some with more ice.

Joanne, Christy, Yen, Kian Fai
Simon, Jfook, 
Cayenne, Henry, Carmen, Wern Di

Wk Teo, Tonin, Jessy, Tikkos
Jayren, Lingvyy, Genee, KianFai
Spectre, Jessy,  Joey, Xing

Baboon, Carmen, Hilda, Henry, Carmen
Henry, Kian Fai, Tikkos, Issac
Issac and his fiancee, Vince and April, XCB and Hilda

Vince - I wanna bloody eat the burger!
IMG_5431 [1024x768]mark

After the meal, I decided to ask Kian Fai to write comments and opinions through the suggestion paper.
And things really work out. The Director contacted him and our voucher will still be "unredeemed".
After all, they really focus on customer's dining experience!

360 panorama using Iphone
(we are separated into 2 groups)

Group photo
IMG_5470e [1024x768]mark

Before we leave.
IMG_5480e [1024x768]mark

Tikkos - I wanna kiss you!
IMG_5482e [1024x768]mark

Lot OB.K4N, Oasis Boulevard
Sunway Pyramid
Bandar Sunway

Opening Hours: 11:00am to midnight daily
Telephone: 03 5631 9989 | Fax: 03 5631 9986


  1. Hey I haven't used the voucher yet hahaha. Will they forgot us or not? lolol

  2. lazy to use tat voucher again XD

  3. Hmm for some reason I looked like someone forced me to eat the burger lol.

  4. @jfook, I don't know where i throw the voucher! I think got expiry date want!

    @Simon, no transport is it?

    @Vincent, you look cool with it!

  5. Now I'm curious what did you guys wrote in the suggestion paper.. haha.. :D

  6. Wahahahaha, i loved that gathering bro!! Nice meeting up

  7. like the place??? i know the owner lol :)

  8. QiWen, i asked Kian Fai to write what he thinks is appropriate la! :)

    Issac, LOL! first time meeting u up too!

    Sharon, good! can bring us next time?



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