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Friday, March 25, 2011

Jay Chou The Era Concert Malaysia 2011, 周杰伦大马超时代世界巡回演唱会 2011

Date: 4 March 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

The anticipated Jay Chou finally held his concert ( The Era Concert) in Malaysia.
I bought his Taiwan Concert album and I knew that it would definitely better than Malaysia, so I decided to watch it after the concert.

Thanks to MyJaysian (Malaysia Jay Chou Fans Club) who coordinate with the organizers,
I can get my VVIP tickets 1st row! :)

So we gather outside to collect our merchandise,
IMG_1857 [1024x768]mark
I bought the Jay Chou's concert Tshirt and Iphone cover.
I helped my cousin bought the limited edition. (only 5000 pieces for each country)
Do stay tune for the next few post, I will post the picture and a blog post!

I wear the MyJaysian Tee and ready to enter the stadium
IMG_1862 [1024x768]mark

IMG_1863 [1024x768]mark

I met them through and finally we get to meet each other
in real life!
Nur, Rainjay, Florian, Juliana
IMG_1867-2 [1024x768]mark

The crowd in the stadium!
it's FULL
IMG_1872 [1024x768]mark

Concert starts with 龍戰騎士、跨時代

IMG_1906 [1024x768]mark

 8 meters high in the air on the concert, in conjunction 
with the laser light changes with the rhythm of the music.
IMG_1912 [1024x768]mark

IMG_1907 [1024x768]mark

IMG_1904 [1024x768]mark

IMG_1941 [1024x768]mark

IMG_1933 [1024x768]mark

Next, he sings 威廉古堡、魔術先生
*The graphics is so nice*
IMG_1949 [1024x768]mark

IMG_1955 [1024x768]mark

Cindy Yen 袁詠琳and Jay played the piano and singing , 黑色幽默(合唱)
she said that they have not made album for 2 years, 
hope everyone give her some time, 
the new album will soon be launched.

IMG_1973 [1024x768]mark

special guest浪花兄弟

IMG_1990 [1024x768]mark

Basically there are 4 themes Summer, Winter, Spring, Autumn 

3D cinematic theater, projection screen also show the 9 Jay 
while singing 時光機" Time Machine "effect

IMG_2002 [1024x768]mark

He plays guitar with zither style
IMG_2015 [1024x768]mark

IMG_2021 [1024x768]mark

Rock Zone fans went crazy 
when he step down the stage and shakes hand with the fans.
Now you know why the Rock Zone tickets cost RM760 ?*
*looks like they are in a box Illusion?*
(Fans keep on screming Jay, I love you)
IMG_2037 [1024x768]mark

 Jay sings with Gary 楊瑞代
IMG_2039 [1024x768]mark

IMG_2055 [1024x768]mark

Since Green Hornet box office reports that it is a success in Malaysia,
Jay said:"I should have come more often to Malaysia right?"
Fans answered a definite yes! 

 Next, 簡單愛、超人不會飛、以父之名、開不了口
Jay shared 10 years memories with his fans.
As this is the 10th anniversary, he said :"I hope we'll be together the next 10 years."

IMG_2070 [1024x768]mark

 The so called end of the concert!
IMG_2064 [1024x768]mark

But fans won't give up as we keep screaming for Encore! 
Last part 
IMG_2099 [1024x768]mark

IMG_2106 [1024x768]mark

Jay singing
 *How I wish there is Double J (Jay and Jolin) dance together*

IMG_2112 [1024x768]mark

Jay with Lara singing 珊瑚海
IMG_2121 [1024x768]mark

The most interesting part is that When Jay sings雙截棍 Nunchuks, he throw the glow in the dark nunchuks down the stage! A fans from the Rock Zone grab it. That person is so lucky, he could probably make a profit out of it.

and lastly I will support Jay Chou
 until I am old? :P
*love the own made LED board*

IMG_1889 [1024x768]mark

well! Hopefully 3 years later, He will be back to Malaysia for his concert!
I really enjoy the concert with the Myjaysian members!
Resize [1024x768]mark

Approximately of 2 and a half hours! 
Tracks: 龍戰騎士、跨時代、蛇舞(Lara梁心頤合唱)、愛在西元前、我不配、嘻哈空姐、威廉古堡、魔術先生、你不愛我了(袁詠琳)、黑色幽默(袁詠琳合唱)、說好的幸福呢+你是我的OK繃(浪花兄弟)、稻香、陽光宅男、龍捲風、煙花易冷、免費教學錄影帶、時光機、心事誰人知+爸我回來了、雨下一整晚、愛的飛行日記(楊瑞代合唱)、簡單愛、超人不會飛、以父之名、開不了口、(安哥)給我一首歌的時間、珊瑚海(Lara合唱)、我不再怕(Lara)、東風破、雙截棍

The End!


  1. haha, boonwei youre so cute la! lols havent seen blog posts like these for ages! din really get to speak to you but it was good having you around, im glad myJAYsian did not disappoint you. and hope you enjoyed yourself alot that night! do join us for future events, i believe! ;)

  2. Thanks suetmei! of course I will support myJAYsian! :) Don't worry! all of you rocks!



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