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Saturday, March 19, 2011

MAS Traveller Bloggers' Party

Date: 26 Feb 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Neo Tamarind (19 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 KL)

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) organized a 
I-MAS Traveller Bloggers' Party @ Neo Tamarind
IMG_5323 [1024x768]

With the launch of and also MH Buddy facebook app it is easier to travel around the world with your friends.

Love how they actually decorate the environment into different countries.
you can also take pictures by sticking your head through the hole
IMG_5329 [1024x768]

Belly-dancing was great but too bad..
Haka dance is even better!
IMG_5363 [1024x768]

Another performance...
IMG_5355e [1024x768]

Snacks were served by the friendly waiter.
*The waiter requested me to take his photo, but he is shy*
Resize [1024x768]

With Shannon, Jfook, Joshua, Dusty
 IMG_5340e [1024x768]

With Suresh, Smashpop, Joshua and Kevin
IMG_5350e [1024x768]

Caricature drawing is available for free too!
IMG_5375e [1024x768]

Do you think the drawing looks like me?
*obviously I am not that fat right?*
IMG_5382e [1024x768]

Spotted a Tower Bridge?
IMG_5347 [1024x768]

with Shannon, Feeq and Joshua
IMG_5356e [1024x768]

IMG_5372e [1024x768]

and lastly the Guys
IMG_5389e [1024x768]

Long time didn't meet my monkey brother - FeeQ !

The End!


  1. I see awesome people, awesome food, awesome potrait! =)

  2. @qiwen, haha yeah! awesome MAS traveller!
    @Jayren, yeah men!

  3. I still like the portrait of you!! =)



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