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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Visit at Friendscino Damansara Perdana

Thanks to Elwyn, I had been given a chance to visit Friendscino at Damansara Perdana few weeks back.
IMG_5535 [1024x768]mark

The first thing that attracts me is the outdoor compound.
Looks spacious and suitable for watching football match.
*oh wait spotted the Projector Screen for live screening*
IMG_5533 [1024x768]mark

If you think you are too bored, you might just wanna grab a copy of magazine.
IMG_5529 [1024x768]mark

I feel good entering the restaurant, and I spotted a nice big sofa,
*wondering if I could lie down there*

and there is Live Singing by a Korean Singer.
IMG_5522 [1024x768]mark

Pool table to accompany you when you are bored.
IMG_5527 [1024x768]mark
I don't think you want a live singing if you really want to chit-chat with your friend,
you can go to the outdoor compound.

Few bloggers invited are
Melissa, Carmen, Kimberly Yee, Jean, Zach Ho and Nikel
Resize2 [1024x768]

and also nice to meet KM Liau, Isabelle and Phillipe.
I still remember the last time I met Jean was at IR1968 food review

Food served.
Prawns Bisque Soup
Cream of Swede Soup & Wild Mushroom Soup *best seller*
Resize1 [1024x768]mark

New Zealand Lamb Shank (top)
Resize3 [1024x768]mark

Norwegian Salmon,
English Fish & Chips, French Chicken Chop
Resize4 [1024x768]mark

Friendscino Restaurant & Bar
LG01 & 01A, Plaza Emerald North
Jalan PJU8/3A, Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya, SELANGOR

Open Weekdays 10am-1:30am; 
Weekends 10am-3am

Monday, April 18, 2011

Scream 4 movie review

Date: 13 April 2011
Time: 9pm
Venue: GSC @ 1 utama


Director: Wes Craven
Writer: Kevin Williamson
Stars: Anthony Anderson, David Arquette, Alison Brie, Adam Brody, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, Rory Culkin, Marielle Jaffe, Erik Knudson, Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Marley Shelton and Nico Tortorella

Sidney Prescott (Campbell) heads back home to start her book tour just as a new wave of killings happen that involve someone pulling the same phone and stabbing stunts as before. This reinvigorates Gail Weathers (Cox), who’s been married to Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) and hasn’t been able to figure out what to write next. Sidney stays with her Aunt (Mary McDonald) and Niece Jill (Roberts), and it turns out it’s Jill and her classmates who are to be the next victims of the Ghostface Killer.

Personal Comments (may contains spoiler, read at your own risk)
10 years had passed since Scream 3? I didn't know that until I goggle search about it.

Thumbs up for the Violence scene.
Stabbing with knife and blood splashing is what I really want. :)
Sometimes it creates a thrilling scene, whereby you tend to close your eyes, thinking that the murderer will appear. 
Eg: A girl receiving a phone call and when the murderer ask her to open the closet, and she did but nothing appear. 

It's often punctuated with funny or jokes scene. Especially this part.
Alison Brie received a call from the murderer
and she tends to run to her car. Guess what?
 She still dare to walk out of her car and look under the car for the murderer.
*I laughed*
But if you are looking for serious bloody murderer film I don't think you can find it much in Scream 4.

I have been always guessing who is the murderer. You think of A and B might appear as one.
You might suspect everyone in the end.

Ending was the best part, and I think it's more logical compare to the other movie.
How a guy/girl wants to be a murderer, what's their motive? You will find it out in the end.

The Cast


The film also keeps up the suspense, the director did a great job of keeping you interested. But for me, some part is just too ridiculous, so I just tend to ignore it.
Be careful you might just get shocked by some of the scenes mainly due to sound system I guess.

Plot: 6/10
Thrilling: 7/10
Shocking: 610
Overall: 6.5/10

lastly, the group photo!
(Credits to Carmen Wong)

Thanks to Jolyn Toh and Nuffnang for the screening!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jay Chou The Era Concert Merchandise

Previous post I mentioned that I will share the merchandise I bought from Jay Chou's concert!

And here you go!
Iphone4 Cover (White, Black) RM50
IMG_5489 [1024x768]mark 
The white is made from plastic coated and Black is rubber coated.
Heard that it's sold out on the first day, I used it for few weeks and I decided to keep it, I am just afraid of scratches.

Concert T-shirt RM75
IMG_5491 [1024x768]mark
Love this design compare to the others available, and of course I choose the black one.

Jay Limited Edition Robot
only 5000 pieces sold in Malaysia - RM110
IMG_5495 [1024x768]mark

It's 3 Moving Robot
IMG_5507 [1024x768]mark

Personally I think it's a good collection.
In terms of $ value, RM110 for a limited edition robot !
Worth it wei!
*too bad, It belongs to my cousin*
IMG_5503 [1024x768]mark

White T and Black Iphone4 cover for  Debbie!
190481_10150121697360687_644940686_6869223_1117111_n [1024x768]mark

More items here
Don't worry if you didn't buy any of it, you can always buy it online.
Visit Explogift
( I have no idea Jay Chou Category is unavailable, to check it few days later or contact them) 

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
Keri Hilson- Pretty girl rock

Sunday, April 3, 2011

HOP movie review

Date: 30 March 2011
Time: 9pm
Venue: Cathay Cineleisure, e@Curve


Director: Tim Hill
Writers: Cinco Paul (story and screenplay), Ken Daurio (story and screenplay), Bruan Lynch (screenplay)
Starring: James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cucuo, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole, Hugh Laurie, Elizabeth Perkins, David Hasslehoff
Original Music by: Christopher Lennertz
Cinematography by: Peter Lyons Collister

The current Easter Bunny (Laurie) is set to retire, but his son E.B. (Brand) wants to be a drummer, so he runs away from home and into the arms of Fred O’Hare (Marsden), who’s a layabout who can’t hold down a job. The two become buddies, and eventually learn to work together, and both learn very important life lessons about responsibility. 

Personal Comments (may contains spoiler, read at your own risk)
E.B. (Russell Brand) and Fred (James Marsden)
Both of them have a good bonding in this movie. James Marsden is consider entertaining in this movie, especially his dialogs with E.B.
Sometimes what really impress me is that, in reality he is acting without the existence of EB.

When Fred sends EB to sleep at the garage
Easter Bunny: What are the newspapers for?
Fred: You know you’re an animal, so..
Easter Bunny: Oh, I understand. I’ll just sleep down here, among my poo and pee, like a pig

Love this part 
EB trying to seduce Sam (Fred's sister)
Sam: Look at this. Look how cute this stuffed bunny is. [Holding E.B.} 
Fred: Oh. 
Sam: [As E.B. touches her hair] Oh, he's so soft And cute. And cuddly, and And warm. 

EB is a talking bunny, it would be weird if a bunny can talk with human so
Fred is afraid of letting others know EB can speak, but when people see EB talking, they didn't care so I think everyone assume EB is a built in talking toy.

But how could David Hasselhoff believe a talking Bunny exist?
Not logic at all.

Carlos (antagonist character)
pretty obvious he is the evil one, at least he is the important role during climax.
Do you think he will take over Easter?
Carlos: Can I at least touch it? 
Little Bird: [Gets hit by the spoon] Ow! 
Carlos: There. You touched it. 
Little Bird: Thank you. 

The Pink Berets 
acting as the special agent/guard for Easter Bunny
They are quite cute, especially the one every time FAIL at doing mission.

Do you think this dancing chicky Phil
looks like me? I mean the hair!

The combination of CGI and Live action is pretty impressive. Actors is able to act naturally.
Although this movie doesn't really suits the adult, but it's quite entertaining for me! Get to laugh for some stupid scenes.
I would really wish a better one for Cars 2 and Rio

Plot: 5/10
Humour: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Overall: 6/10

Thanks to NuffnangMY for the movie screening!
Personal comment and Personal Rating are for reference purpose only.

Bloggers attended

The Twins
Henry Baboon, Henry Munkey
(same spects, same purple T, promoting Rio)

And I kicked Jessy's butt Leg.

Somehow on the day itself, I saw 2 agents holding a folder with a kind of symbol and pass it to us.
I don't really understand what is it for. There is also a link attached to it.

So I just visit the site and found some weird photos
KLCC with the symbol?

I would really wanna know what symbol is that for! 
I could even saw it at TVC.


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