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Friday, April 8, 2011

Jay Chou The Era Concert Merchandise

Previous post I mentioned that I will share the merchandise I bought from Jay Chou's concert!

And here you go!
Iphone4 Cover (White, Black) RM50
IMG_5489 [1024x768]mark 
The white is made from plastic coated and Black is rubber coated.
Heard that it's sold out on the first day, I used it for few weeks and I decided to keep it, I am just afraid of scratches.

Concert T-shirt RM75
IMG_5491 [1024x768]mark
Love this design compare to the others available, and of course I choose the black one.

Jay Limited Edition Robot
only 5000 pieces sold in Malaysia - RM110
IMG_5495 [1024x768]mark

It's 3 Moving Robot
IMG_5507 [1024x768]mark

Personally I think it's a good collection.
In terms of $ value, RM110 for a limited edition robot !
Worth it wei!
*too bad, It belongs to my cousin*
IMG_5503 [1024x768]mark

White T and Black Iphone4 cover for  Debbie!
190481_10150121697360687_644940686_6869223_1117111_n [1024x768]mark

More items here
Don't worry if you didn't buy any of it, you can always buy it online.
Visit Explogift
( I have no idea Jay Chou Category is unavailable, to check it few days later or contact them) 

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful
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  1. woiii! why you cover your face? ):

  2. Is that you the guy with a covered face? Lols. I started to like jay Chou and I don't know why :D Maybe it's because I've been singing his songs in greenbox, undeniably he's a talented person despite he looks kind of ..... err....... you know. :P

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  4. wow ~! reli jay kaki ! lol.. my fren was sad coz she went to 2nd day and it's sold out. =.=



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