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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

PROTON Persona – Better, Undoubtedly

Since 2007, PROTON had realized the importance of having
self-confidence and the significance of making the right choices.

Inspired by this, they have decided to launch
‘Better, Undoubtedly’,
to share this learning with Malaysians especially when choosing the right car for their needs.

This campaign sees the three Persona ambassadors take on a new role as mentors,
sharing their life lessons to guide people from various backgrounds to face their own challenges.

3 ambassadors are
DJ Lin from Suria FM, Aanantha from THR Raaga 
and Jack Lim from MY FM

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Each of the ambassadors will champion their own programmes
which have been developed based on their life experiences.

I would really say self confidence is important in determine your success.
Being so stressful now to have less than 2 weeks to my finals, what makes me still standing up and study smart every day is my self confidence, believe that I will pass all my papers.

Jack Lim
(currently the MY FM radio DJ)
who have experienced a similar journey to Proton Persona and understand the role that
self-belief can play in helping people get where they want to go.

Jack has had a difficult beginning before he become a successful radio host and actor, but his determination and ‘never give up’ attitude allowed him to overcome his initial failed attempts to achieve his dreams.
For the ‘Better, Undoubtedly’ Campaign, Jack will attempt a personal challenge and invite others to also take own the challenges that they have always wanted to pursue but were too frightened or lacked the motivation. He will be selecting three candidates and mentoring them through their challenge.

On Thursday, 12 May, Jack attempted a personal challenge to drive from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Johor Bharu, taking inspiration from his father who was a salesman who travelled all over the country, doing everything he could to support the needs of his family.   
Once his father even drove non-stop from Thailand to Singapore for work. As a young boy, Jack used to follow his father on some of his journeys, and he was inspired by his father’s determination and perseverance.
During this challenge Jack will be making stops at Butterworth, Ipoh, KL and Johor Bharu.
So tune in to MYFM for more details to meet him and be part of his charity challenge.

Below are some of the photos Jack Lim and the Proton Persona
tackling a 15-hour fun-filled activity for two charity homes in Ipoh and Johor.

 Jack Lim at the market loading goods to Persona

Arriving at the Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Setia Ipoh

Children at Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Setia Ipoh

For more information about Jack Lim with Better, Undoubtedly campaign,

PROTON Persona, rising above various challenges, has resulted in one of the top performing sedans in the market today. Besides being competitively priced, quality vehicle that gives drivers more confidence behind the wheel of their car, Persona also contributes to the drivers’ lifestyle needs.

With the features below, you really gotta check it out at the nearest showroom.
Design to impress - full body kit, new rear LED, alloy rim design
Comfortable and Roomy - spacious, comfort, luxury
Fine tuned Ride and Handling - Lotus Ride & Handling technology. ABS and EBD ensure that you car tyres never break contact with the road.

For more information about Jack Lim with Better, Undoubtedly  campaign,
For more info about Proton Persona:
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All info are correct at date of published.


  1. Persona has improved from the days of gen2 and wira.

  2. persona and myvi are the best choice for medium range working adults... persona is a good family car despite the lower head room at the back

  3. I had read article about Jack Lim travelling with his car to Melaka, it is just so awesome how he did and in this article of yours, it shows that Jack Lim also helped out and did some donation to Foster or kids home.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post man!



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