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Thursday, June 30, 2011

♥ begins

The first thing that attracts me, your Smile.
Still remember your first smile, even though you were not smiling to me ( you were smiling to Emily Lu ),
but seriously I won't forget your smile and that particular scene.

You know I really feel great that I actually found someone who I really like and she really likes me.
But you know now it's not the matter of like anymore. It's <3

I really believe in fate in which I met you at the right time and you are the right person for me.
Would really appreciate that you are able to accept me, or should I say I am suitable for you? :P

It's time to test your brain power.
Do you still remember dates like..
April 13, Mei 7, May 25 ? and now you will have to add just 1 more..

20 June 2011
(our official anniversary)
20 June 2011

My heart for you on this very special day.
(please keep it tight)
20 June 2011 My heart
P/S: Thanks to my master Hon Leong who taught me

21 June 2011
BB at Genting
21 June 2011

and many more to come..
There is still a long journey for us to discover, 
so we must always hold on and tolerate each other to continue our journey k? :)
[When two ordinary people get together and love, they create something extraordinary]

From ♥


  1. wahhh... manisnyer... may u guys have a good run ahead! :D

  2. @Jfook, I scare you will get diabetes!
    @Issac, thanks bro! :)
    @Henry Lee, thanks man! :)

  3. *Diabetes*
    wondering when's my turn huh. LOL

    wish u 2 white head till old. (abit too formal.. ops)

  4. @ShiiTeck hahaha! Yes I will appreciate her! :)



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