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Monday, July 11, 2011

Bloggers Sports Carnival with CityGolf

Date: 2 July 2011
Time: 4pm
Venue: CityGolf, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Thanks Nuffnang for giving me a chance to join CityGolf.
IMG_5905 [Desktop Resolution]mark

It was my first time holding the stick and swinging the stick to hit the golf ball. BUT the ball did not enter any of the hole. *sad!*

I am shy to play golf at those golf course cause I don't know how to play and I don't even dare to try it.
So at CityGolf, this is my first time swinging the stick and hit the golf ball.

You can hit many times you like as it provide swing golf simulators.
Wrong posture?
IMG_5901e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Games are conducted to win prizes like 
-2 hour golf voucher for our golf simulators worth RM280
- 1 hour golf lesson with our Pro worth RM170
- Meal vouchers from La Bodega/Press Room
- Test drive for a BMW over the weekend

Darts and Pool for bloggers to compete against each other.
I didn't manage to win any prizes, some of them are just too pro!
IMG_5889 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Environment was comfortable whereby sofas are provided almost at every corner for you.
Outdoor chill out place customers
IMG_5885 [Desktop Resolution]mark

They have wide range of packages for you if you are interested
 and I spotted this handsome coach.
Few coaches are available to guide us, to swing, to hold and to hit.
IMG_5866e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Food are served by La Bodega
as CityGolf is collaborating with La Bodega
IMG_5877e [Desktop Resolution]mark

Before we go home!
Group picts
*Henry the _____*IMG_5909 [Desktop Resolution]mark


  1. lol, whats with henry the ___ ? :P Nice catching up with you that day bro. XD

  2. @Issac, Henry ___ fill in the blanks! :)

    @wawa, thanks! :)



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