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Monday, July 18, 2011

DiGi Sony Ericsson W8 Press Launch

Date: 5 July 2011
Time:  8pm
Venue: Mist Club, Bangsar

Introducing the world’s first 
Walkman Android smartphone,
 the Sony Ericsson W8 is launching with DiGi
IMG_5997 [Desktop Resolution]mark
Digi's team and executive know the importance of music, so they decided to have partnership with Sony Ericsson!

Event started off with the welcome speech from 
Tan Kakit , Product Manager of DiGi Music
IMG_5956 [Desktop Resolution]mark
he also introduce the DiGi plans and the features of the SE W8 phone.
(More details below)

Next, we have performance by Dennis Lau and Shawn Lee
IMG_5938 [Desktop Resolution]mark

I'm quite surprise when Shawn Lee announce that they actually have a performance
 in collaboration with Wakaka Crew too! 
Love the stunning b-boy performance!
IMG_5953 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Performance by Rock band - Kugiran Tepi Pantai
IMG_5973 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Games are conducted as well in order for bloggers to bring home and review a Sony Ericsson W8 phone.
The best review will win a Sony Ericsson W8 phone.

One of the game-Guess the song
spot Bernard ! but he didn't win!
IMG_5993 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Twit the correct answer.
*Isaac WON!*
IMG_5996 [Desktop Resolution]mark

and lastly David Archuleta tickets
*spot Elwyn *
IMG_6000 [Desktop Resolution]mark

Bloggers aka DiGi Angels in the house!

Here's some brief details about the plan.
IMG_5969 [Desktop Resolution]mark
DiGi Postpaid customers can purchase the phone at only RM99 (Retail at RM799) if they subscribe to the DG Smart Plan 68 for 24 months

Prepaid customers, they will receive a free DiGi prepaid starter pack worth RM16.80 with RM8 pre-loaded talktime when they purchase the phone at RM799. They will also get a reload card of RM50 with the package.

It also comes with DiGiMusic™ Play app pre-loaded into the Walkman phone and a free 12-month subscription to the music service. This would be the selling point of this phone!

For more info, check out HERE


  1. All sapu by familiar faces :P Heee!

  2. wahaha any events with bloggers in the house, is an awesome event! XD

  3. wah so syok la the event... hope u get to keep the phone! haha

  4. what did everyone else besides elwyn win? lol

  5. yalo.. the same gang sapu all :P

  6. @Hilda, lol No No! Bernard didn't win!

    @Issac, haha! true true! see ya!

    @Henry, all the best to Issac

    @Tonin, they get to take home a phone and write a review!

    @Ken, I took their photos only! There are still other bloggers who won!

  7. wow ! nice.. unfortunately am not able to attend tat night.. shyt ! lol..



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