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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hennessy Artistry July 2011 @ Mist Club

Date: 30 July 2011
Time: 8pm
Venue: Mist Club, Bangsar

2nd round of Hennessy Artistry held at Mist Club, Bangsar.
after the 1st round at The Opera
IMG_6218e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

I tag my sweetheart along with me!
IMG_6229e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

with , Isaac and Janice

Isaac was busy playing with the "Fruit Ninja"
He wants to win the limited edition Hennessy.
IMG_6208 [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

Performing Artist
(Picture credits to Hennessy Malaysia)

Copy of IMG_6253 [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

Gina Star from UK
IMG_6258e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

put your hands up
IMG_6262e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

Party peopleeeeee!
Pei Li, Kate, Andrew
Roslyn, Henry, Jamie
New Folder3

Jolyn, Issac, Janice
IMG_6239e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

Janice, Yi Jing
IMG_6246e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

Karyan, Shii Teck
Jackie Yong, Ah Shin, Andrew
Ah Foo, Kate
New Folder5

and lastly with Reshmonu
IMG_6280e [Desktop Resolution]mark [Desktop Resolution]

Really enjoy the night and I'm glad to meet old friends there like Karyan and Pei Li.
More events coming up! 


  1. woots! u had a pic wit Reshmonu!

  2. lol! brooooo.. isaac! not issac, dah 3 kali weh :P

    nice writeup, and a nice night out!

  3. @Simon, yeah! :)

    @Isaac, sorry man! :D



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