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Sunday, September 4, 2011 E-commerce Fair

Date: 13 August 2011
Time: 12pm
Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

I went there quite early to avoid the jam, knowing that there will be massive jam at Mid Valley during weekend. And of course, parking will be a problem if you reach Mid valley at about 12pm.

I entered into the main entrance

I saw a big crowd around the main stage, and I walked to the stage and check it out.
It's the SUPER BID time.

As you can see, there is many gadgets to BID.
Range from Handphones, Laptop, GPS, Tablet and etc.

I take a look at the list, but I didn't have anything in my mind to buy. So I just stand there and look how the crowd bidding.

There is a screen to show the bid price and the discount discounted.
Apparently there are many still willing to bid even though there is only 20% discount off the original price.
I were quite shocked with that.

Next, I visit to the booths around, there are 200 booths that sell Camera, Hand phones, Car accessories, Fashion, Beauty and etc.

I saw a booth that sell HTC phone, they have discounts on selected phone too.

Spotted the Lelong.MY booth.

Well I guess that the main attraction for me would be the Super Bid. 
There are 4 rounds of Bidding. I remember there is the Asus Transformer Table for Bid also, I would have Bid it, if I really want to buy.

Hope Lelong.MY will organize the E-Commerce Fair every year.


  1. wow. live bidding? i wonder if a lot ppl there bid for the gadget? and did the price go over the market price?

  2. Never really seen any live bidding before...

  3. @Henry Tan, no! It's impossible lol! Who will be willing to pay?

    @Reana, should experience it next time! :)



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