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Monday, October 31, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

it's been 1..2..3.. years with Nuffnang? *runs to search at my blog*

*back with details*
I had registered with Nuffnang since 8 Jan 2009 which means I had been with Nuffnang for 2 yrs 9mths!

At first I never really think of joining so many events under Nuffnang until it started with a screening with Nuffnang.

My first screening with Nuffnang
I won't forget that I actually get the first row seats because I didn't know that it's a first come first serve basis. I'm sure you won't wanna sit at the first row right? It hurts my neck. 
After this incident, I always collect my tickets earlier. 

My first screening with Nuffnang was at Jan 2010, previously without any free movie screening I spend about RM425 in year 2009 but in year 2010, I only spend about RM230. Save almost half of the money!

I admit I'm a movie addict, so why not join the free movie screening and save some money up!

About 30 screenings in total with Nuffnang
IMG_7088edit [1024x768]

IMG_7090edit [1024x768]

And also for G+ member, we are entitle to watch Media Screening.
before anyone else could watch!

Flashed back to 2010, one of the FIRST major events that I had joined is the
The LARGEST Bloggers' Gathering with

It's the time where I started to meet lots of new friends. 
First time meeting them in real life after knowing each other at Innit. 

I'm proud to be one of the bloggers who join this gathering 
cause it's under the Malaysia Book of Records.

Talking about meeting bloggers, I never forget the chance of meeting blogger celebrities 
at the Project Alpha  Season 2 Launch.

first time meeting Timothy in person!
He is definitely a friendly guy, try say Hi to him if you meet him.

Shaolin Tiger
superb tall!

and of course Xia Xue

I had also given a chance to visit Nuffnang's office on the 18 June 2010
it's actually Coffee with Nuffies where we get to meet Nuffies.

Basically you will get to know how Nuffnang works and of course you get to see how delightful their office is. I'm sure it will be more gorgeous now after the expanding where Churp Churp office is just next to Nuffnang office.
Won't forget that I actually leave my footprint at the 
Nuffnang Footprints board
*spotted mine?*

Here is it! My handmade card.

Wonder if you have join any costume event? 
I'm sure you want to see how bloggers dress up into monster and party together!
LG Cookie Monster Party

terrified by the 2 monsters!

Kenny Sia - The Shrek


and for 2011, I joined the Blogger Sports Carnival

first time swinging the golf stick!

This coming 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will be meeting up at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott.
The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific so that they can meet each other.

It would be best if I will be given a chance to join this award ceremony and claps hand to the best bloggers. I can't say that Nuffnang is part of my life, but Nuffnang really do help me meet up with more friends, new friends and awesome friends to hang out. I even get to experience different type of events (golf, monster costume party, movies and etc).

What can I say to express my love..
this picture shows it all.
IMG_7098-1edit [1024x768]

Like how I had been through so much with Nuffnang and blogger friends, how can I miss this ceremony to support them to win the awards.

The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.


  1. Cool~ great journey you have. XD

  2. wow... u actually collected all of the screening passes!!!

  3. whoa, you keep all the screening tickets. Awesome weh

  4. lol NICE!!! This journey looks awesome!!! I wish I joined nuffnang for that long. Lol nah I'm still a noobie. You got to meet xia xue!!! OMG!!! You lucky lucky boy xD

  5. @Kahmon, thanks! I'm sure you have a great journey with Nuffnang too!

    @Simon, yeah! awesome!

    @Isaac, yeah! that's cool isn't it?

    @Punk Chopsticks, indeed I'm really lucky to meet her! :)

  6. wow u collected so many of nuffnang badges! nowadays when they give out, it seems like nobody wants to take already

  7. Wah, the amount of badge you have can make a love already. haha. Btw! I saw you at canopy walk again two days ago. LOL

  8. fuiyoh! I saw Adrien Leong! ahahah

    :P nice post Henry! Nice!

    My first movie is Altitude! Mind Blown movie hahaha

  9. hahah nice post bro!

    all the best for this and good luck! :D




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