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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Exclamation Point- Jay Chou 惊叹号-周杰伦

Album Name: Exclamation Point,  惊叹号
Release Date: 11.11.2011

This is the 11th Album by Jay Chou.
As usual you will expect surprises from most of his music album, including this one. As stated by his album name, Exclamation Point!

Basically 3 types of album is available.
1. Deluxe Edition RM125.90
(Suitcase packaging- 1CD+1DVD, Lyrics, Keychain, Notebook, Postcard)
2. Limited Edition USB version RM279.90
(consists of anchor-shaped USB and a 3-D lyrics booklet + a poster in a protective tube)

3. Local Edition RM56.60
IMG_7618mark [Desktop Resolution]

I bought the Deluxe Edition, so let's have an overview of the outlook of his Deluxe Edition album.
Front Look
IMG_7589mark [Desktop Resolution]

Back Look
IMG_7590mark [Desktop Resolution]

The Suitcase ( Front/Back)
New Folder3mark [Desktop Resolution]

CD+ DVD, Key Chain, Notebook, Postcard
Chosenmark [Desktop Resolution]

Lyrics book
using sailor as a main concept
New Folder5mark [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_7587mark [Desktop Resolution]

Album with Merchandise Item
IMG_7611mark [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_7612mark [Desktop Resolution]

01. 驚嘆號
02. 迷魂曲
03. Mine Mine*
04. 公主病*
05. 你好嗎*
06. 療傷燒肉粽*
07. 琴傷*
08. 水手怕水
09. 世界未末日*
10. 皮影戲
11. 超跑女神

(Tracks with * are Personally Recommended Tracks)

1. 驚嘆號 MV
2. 迷魂曲 MV

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Friday, November 18, 2011

My 2011 birthday!

Previously my birthday 20-10-2010 was a great one with my friends! (P/S: Look at the date, so amazing!)
This year is even better because I had a surprised from my B! :)

Morning reached her house and she was busy... preparing breakfast with her brother.
Lovely breakfast 
(First breakfast from her)

After prepare everything, when we are about to go out. 
She brought out her handmade fruit tartlets

*ahhh! Didn't know that you do tartlets for me!
I thought you buy cake for me! *

Really taste good with the chocolate fillings.

Later on, we depart to 1utama for movie. Real Steel.
I asked her where are we gonna eat for dinner, she answered Kota Damansara.
HAHAHA! that's the time I know where we gonna eat for dinner. No more surprise haha!
*Next time I don't ask anything k?*

We reached GSC.
At first I thought she bought the ticket and we lined up at the Collection Counter, but later on she just pull me into the Gold Class. (Wow! You finally surprised me! I were shocked lol.)
Leather seats is very comfortable, but the air condition is not cold at all. I think it's because we are sitting the last row behind.

We had dinner at Tao @ Sunway Giza.
Funny part is that when we enter, 2 couples are there later on 4 couples entered, but we are the last couple who leave. I am a big eater! Or I shall say we are the big eaters!
The food taste good, you can order from the Menu and they will cook and bring it for you. A little different from the other buffet like Shogun.
Well if you want me to compare Shogun and Tao, I think I will prefer Tao.
Varieties of food

Thanks B for accompany me the whole day! <3

oh wait! and my present!
our couple wallet.
Now I know why you want me to buy you the wallet for your birthday, cause you want mine to be the same like yours too! *evil smile*

Thanks for everything B! Imma need to crack my head for your birthday next year! =P

Thursday, November 17, 2011

iBilik Review

Came across this website whereby I'm helping my friend search a room for rent around Sunway area, saw this website call iBilik.

So I just type Bandar Sunway at the search tab, and all rooms for rent around Bandar Sunway will show out.

Some search result you can view photos but some you can't. Depends on the poster. If you are the poster it's better that you add photos to attract people view it. I will definitely view those with photos first.

For example below:

By the way you can also
 choose your preference.
This really enhance users experience, like you prefer to stay with male or female.

You can always bookmark the room first if you feel that the room is suitable for you, and later on review your bookmark and compare with other rooms.

There are also Short Term Rentals available.

For Short Term Rentals, you can choose your Preferred Date and then pay Online, later on you just need to Print Payment Code and Check In.
Normally you will need to pay amount of deposit upon check in.

iBilik is also suitable for people who wants to rent out their property or place.
they will handle the online booking and payment collection.
Processing fee would be 10% of the total fees.
They will pay earning bi-monthly to the host through Malaysia bank.

Personally would think that more improvement needed for the preference.
I think it should have sort out whether is the Room Rental have a photos attached to it or not, that's the way to attract them.

It's also better to have a comment section for each rental and notifications to the Poster once there are people comment on their rental property. It's better to interactive with potential customer, as they may have doubts to ask.

It would be better if we can just share out the Room Rental directly to Facebook so that it increases viewer-ship.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Victoria Station 22nd Anniversary Celebration Menu

 22nd Anniversary Celebration Menu
(Starting 10th Oct to 30th Nov)


Crabmeat Wasabi-Mayo wrap with Smoked Salmon

Cream of Roasted Pumpkin with poached scallops

Fresh Garden Greens with 7-seeds dressing

Grilled imported grain-fed Aussie Sirloin served with Morels Sauce, potato of the day & prime veggies (RM65.90)

Tiramisu (RM9.90)

Freshly brew coffee or tea (RM5.90)

RM169.90 per Double Set
RM89.90 per Set

Double RM50 VS Dining Voucher, upon completing VS Passport with 12stamps.
1stamp with every RM50 purchase in any VS. Only for this double month.

All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and Government Tax.

For more info visit:

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 2

Venue: Plenary Hall, KLCC
Date: 18th and 19th of November 
Show time: 8.30 pm – 11.00 pm (2.5 hours)
Tickets: RM 88, RM 128, RM 198, RM 298

Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia is bringing the best Asian comedy talents from around the world.

So who is The Comics!

Harith Iskander 

he is generally acknowledged as Malaysia’s premier stand-up comedian. For more than a decade, he has performed live at countless events and entertained thousands of Malaysians and foreigners with his unique and original material. 

Sugar Sammy 

he is tall, handsome and funny -all the makings of a superstar. The Hollywood Reporter just named him one of the top 10 rising comedy talents from around the world, and dubbed him “Comedy’s New Rock Star”. 

Paul Ogata

he brings his twisted humor around the world, to television and even the movies. Paul’s show lays bare his insecurities, recounts his marital foibles and hammers on world events. 

Vivek Mahbubani 

won a stand-up comedy competition for the Chinese category, making the funniest Chinese person in Hong Kong... an Indian. He enjoys pleasantly shocking the audience when he throws in his fluent Cantonese during English sets and vice versa.

Joanne Kam (Queen)

The emancipation of Joanne Kam into the entertainment industry in the 90s, turned around and introduces a whole new meaning of comedy in the conservative night scene of Kuala Lumpur.Joanne’s distinct style of acid tongue humor earned her the reputation of being one of the most notoriously funny lady on Malaysian stage. The audience just couldn’t get enough of her candid, risqué jokes.

Enough said, 5 best comics around the world will definitely make you LOL during their performances.
Don't believe? Check out previous public expression caught by the camera.
Warning, don't get caught by the camera yea! :)

For more info:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Malaysia Halo 2011 PRESS CONFERENCE (Park Jung Min, Chris Willis, Yolanda Be Cool, DJ Goldfish & Blink)

Date: 11 Nov 2011
Time: 3pm
Venue: MIECC

Arrived at the entrance
IMG_7177 [1024x768]mark

new Hennessy Soda
IMG_7185 [1024x768]mark

Art of Mixing Zone
IMG_7186 [1024x768]mark

It's great to see artists around during the press conference.
Started with DJ Goldfish and Blink
IMG_7205 [1024x768]mark

Park Jung Min
IMG_7265 [1024x768]mark

Yolanda Be Cool
IMG_7280 [1024x768]mark

Chris Willis
IMG_7322 [1024x768]mark

Group photo
IMG_7335 [1024x768]mark
IMG_7363 [1024x768]mark

A quick interview session ended, and artist sign the Limited Edition bottle to be given out to a facebook fan.
Park Jung Min signing
IMG_7424 [1024x768]mark

Chris Willis signing
IMG_7431 [1024x768]mark

Group photo after signing
IMG_7449 [1024x768]mark
IMG_7463 [1024x768]mark

They proceed to the mixing zone and give a toss!
IMG_7523 [1024x768]mark

IMG_7527 [1024x768]mark

IMG_7565 [1024x768]mark
Unfortunately Landy Wen unable to attend the Press Conference.

I admit, Park Jung Min is very friendly, every time the girl fan in front of me shout his name, he will look at her. And that's the reason why I'm able to snap so many of his photos. Now I know why he is the most friendly among SS501.
Check out more of his photos.
New folder1mark

New foldermark

New folder2mark

See you all tomorrow!
IMG_7583 [1024x768]mark


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