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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Exclamation Point- Jay Chou 惊叹号-周杰伦

Album Name: Exclamation Point,  惊叹号
Release Date: 11.11.2011

This is the 11th Album by Jay Chou.
As usual you will expect surprises from most of his music album, including this one. As stated by his album name, Exclamation Point!

Basically 3 types of album is available.
1. Deluxe Edition RM125.90
(Suitcase packaging- 1CD+1DVD, Lyrics, Keychain, Notebook, Postcard)
2. Limited Edition USB version RM279.90
(consists of anchor-shaped USB and a 3-D lyrics booklet + a poster in a protective tube)

3. Local Edition RM56.60
IMG_7618mark [Desktop Resolution]

I bought the Deluxe Edition, so let's have an overview of the outlook of his Deluxe Edition album.
Front Look
IMG_7589mark [Desktop Resolution]

Back Look
IMG_7590mark [Desktop Resolution]

The Suitcase ( Front/Back)
New Folder3mark [Desktop Resolution]

CD+ DVD, Key Chain, Notebook, Postcard
Chosenmark [Desktop Resolution]

Lyrics book
using sailor as a main concept
New Folder5mark [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_7587mark [Desktop Resolution]

Album with Merchandise Item
IMG_7611mark [Desktop Resolution]

IMG_7612mark [Desktop Resolution]

01. 驚嘆號
02. 迷魂曲
03. Mine Mine*
04. 公主病*
05. 你好嗎*
06. 療傷燒肉粽*
07. 琴傷*
08. 水手怕水
09. 世界未末日*
10. 皮影戲
11. 超跑女神

(Tracks with * are Personally Recommended Tracks)

1. 驚嘆號 MV
2. 迷魂曲 MV

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