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Friday, November 11, 2011

Hennessy Artistry Malaysia Halo 2011 PRESS CONFERENCE (Park Jung Min, Chris Willis, Yolanda Be Cool, DJ Goldfish & Blink)

Date: 11 Nov 2011
Time: 3pm
Venue: MIECC

Arrived at the entrance
IMG_7177 [1024x768]mark

new Hennessy Soda
IMG_7185 [1024x768]mark

Art of Mixing Zone
IMG_7186 [1024x768]mark

It's great to see artists around during the press conference.
Started with DJ Goldfish and Blink
IMG_7205 [1024x768]mark

Park Jung Min
IMG_7265 [1024x768]mark

Yolanda Be Cool
IMG_7280 [1024x768]mark

Chris Willis
IMG_7322 [1024x768]mark

Group photo
IMG_7335 [1024x768]mark
IMG_7363 [1024x768]mark

A quick interview session ended, and artist sign the Limited Edition bottle to be given out to a facebook fan.
Park Jung Min signing
IMG_7424 [1024x768]mark

Chris Willis signing
IMG_7431 [1024x768]mark

Group photo after signing
IMG_7449 [1024x768]mark
IMG_7463 [1024x768]mark

They proceed to the mixing zone and give a toss!
IMG_7523 [1024x768]mark

IMG_7527 [1024x768]mark

IMG_7565 [1024x768]mark
Unfortunately Landy Wen unable to attend the Press Conference.

I admit, Park Jung Min is very friendly, every time the girl fan in front of me shout his name, he will look at her. And that's the reason why I'm able to snap so many of his photos. Now I know why he is the most friendly among SS501.
Check out more of his photos.
New folder1mark

New foldermark

New folder2mark

See you all tomorrow!
IMG_7583 [1024x768]mark


  1. He's cuuuuute! Pak Jung Min I mean~ lols~~ But don't worry, Henry, I think you're cute too XD

  2. Banyak sangat Park Jung Min photos! Where's Yolanda Be Cool photo with you? =P



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