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Thursday, November 17, 2011

iBilik Review

Came across this website whereby I'm helping my friend search a room for rent around Sunway area, saw this website call iBilik.

So I just type Bandar Sunway at the search tab, and all rooms for rent around Bandar Sunway will show out.

Some search result you can view photos but some you can't. Depends on the poster. If you are the poster it's better that you add photos to attract people view it. I will definitely view those with photos first.

For example below:

By the way you can also
 choose your preference.
This really enhance users experience, like you prefer to stay with male or female.

You can always bookmark the room first if you feel that the room is suitable for you, and later on review your bookmark and compare with other rooms.

There are also Short Term Rentals available.

For Short Term Rentals, you can choose your Preferred Date and then pay Online, later on you just need to Print Payment Code and Check In.
Normally you will need to pay amount of deposit upon check in.

iBilik is also suitable for people who wants to rent out their property or place.
they will handle the online booking and payment collection.
Processing fee would be 10% of the total fees.
They will pay earning bi-monthly to the host through Malaysia bank.

Personally would think that more improvement needed for the preference.
I think it should have sort out whether is the Room Rental have a photos attached to it or not, that's the way to attract them.

It's also better to have a comment section for each rental and notifications to the Poster once there are people comment on their rental property. It's better to interactive with potential customer, as they may have doubts to ask.

It would be better if we can just share out the Room Rental directly to Facebook so that it increases viewer-ship.

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