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Friday, November 18, 2011

My 2011 birthday!

Previously my birthday 20-10-2010 was a great one with my friends! (P/S: Look at the date, so amazing!)
This year is even better because I had a surprised from my B! :)

Morning reached her house and she was busy... preparing breakfast with her brother.
Lovely breakfast 
(First breakfast from her)

After prepare everything, when we are about to go out. 
She brought out her handmade fruit tartlets

*ahhh! Didn't know that you do tartlets for me!
I thought you buy cake for me! *

Really taste good with the chocolate fillings.

Later on, we depart to 1utama for movie. Real Steel.
I asked her where are we gonna eat for dinner, she answered Kota Damansara.
HAHAHA! that's the time I know where we gonna eat for dinner. No more surprise haha!
*Next time I don't ask anything k?*

We reached GSC.
At first I thought she bought the ticket and we lined up at the Collection Counter, but later on she just pull me into the Gold Class. (Wow! You finally surprised me! I were shocked lol.)
Leather seats is very comfortable, but the air condition is not cold at all. I think it's because we are sitting the last row behind.

We had dinner at Tao @ Sunway Giza.
Funny part is that when we enter, 2 couples are there later on 4 couples entered, but we are the last couple who leave. I am a big eater! Or I shall say we are the big eaters!
The food taste good, you can order from the Menu and they will cook and bring it for you. A little different from the other buffet like Shogun.
Well if you want me to compare Shogun and Tao, I think I will prefer Tao.
Varieties of food

Thanks B for accompany me the whole day! <3

oh wait! and my present!
our couple wallet.
Now I know why you want me to buy you the wallet for your birthday, cause you want mine to be the same like yours too! *evil smile*

Thanks for everything B! Imma need to crack my head for your birthday next year! =P


  1. eh very sweet the both of you. Happy belated birthday bro!

  2. Aiyerr. I jealous liao. hahaha Your birthday looks so... delicious :X

  3. wow!!!!!!!~ make people envy u only. HAHAHA

  4. @Isaac, thanks bro! :)

    @Priscilla, Damn! I'm hungry!

    @wonderfuljoo haha just wanna post it here for memories! :)

  5. wow your gf is super nice! :) cherish her! may god bless the both of you, and happy belated birthdae to you




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