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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Umami Steamboat Buffet Restaurant

It's a weekend Sunday, arrived at 7.30pm but the crowd were full inside and outside!
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Choose your choices of soup when you arrive.

HK Herbal Soup and Fish Head soup
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Umami Pepper Soup and Thai TomYam Soup (Red)
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I personally love the Fish Head soup and Thai TomYam Soup.
Fish Head soup doesn't have the fishy smell most likely due to the freshness of the fish in the soup.
Thai TomYam soup is rather kinda spicy.
Pepper soup, for me is too pepper-ish, wouldn't wanna drink it but taste it sometimes will do.

Seafood lovers, you get it right! 
They serve wide range of seafood selections 
from fresh crabs & prawns, fish fillets, mussels, oyster & scallops, 
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Most of the seafoods are fresh especially the fish fillet and mussels and prawns.

variety of clams, squids, and poultry
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Mee, Fishball, Fu Zok, 
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In case you don't know I love eating crabstick.
crab meat

The Lamb meat taste great too.
not sure whether they do have beef.

Visit the BBQ corner
Crab and satay
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BBQ Chicken and Fried Chicken 
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You gonna taste the awesome BBQ chicken as it's crunchy and you won't stop eating it like me.

One of the main advantage compare to other Buffet Restaurant I visited or rather I should say around Sunway Mentari area is that, they have indoor area with air-condition.
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I don't really like outdoor as I will become sweaty. I wouldn't want to use so many tissues, wasting my time wiping my sweat instead I can concentrate with my buffet.

For price of RM26.80+ , you get to enjoy buffet style steamboat and free flow of drinks. Staff will keep replenish the food until it is out of stock.
All food served are PORK FREE.

Check out the video!
12a(Ground Floor), 
Jln PJS 8/17
Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway

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  1. awesome steamboat buffet... like the way of BBQ chicken wing, with honey, perfect!

  2. yesh! enjoyed steamboating very much! and hey ncie meeting u! :D

  3. First you will need to decide what type of buffet is best suitable for your event. Will guests be seated or standing? A lot of events do not see guests seated at formal dining tables. party buffet caterers service in runcorn



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