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Thursday, December 29, 2011

VOTE for our future

It seems like the general election is coming really soon!
I'm not sure, but what Najib says:"General Election Can Be Held Anytime, Not Bound By Committee On Electoral Reform." Source: BERNAMA ,Aug 19 2011

Any citizens who attained 21 years old are eligible to vote!

Other requirement to register as voters are as follows:

(A) a citizen of Malaysia;
(B) has attained the age of 21 years;
(C) resident in the constituency to be registered; and
(D) not barred / disqualified by the law in force.

Most of them are lazy to register as a voter, as Malaysia have 3.7million people who are eligible to vote but had not registered themselves. (Source: Sinar Harian)

If you are not sure where to register, check out HERE.
There will be a list of places on where to register.
SPR will also be conducting road shows or set up booths for the ease of citizens to register as a voter.

You have your rights to determine the parties to run the country, this is our rights as a Malaysian.

Remember, exercise your vote as a responsible voter!

Some quick facts!
Did you know that the determination of the Voting Centre Locality and you are determined according to the address listed in your Identity Card. Therefore, to apply for change of address of Polling Centre, you need to change your current address in your IC first National Registration Department (NRD). To request a change in the Voting Center, you must appear in person with the Identity Card or Receipt While AGC to any office of the EC or the EC Registration Counter in the country or in any Post Office (computerized) throughout the country.

For any other information, kindly visit

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