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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mirror Mirror: The snow white legend comes alive movie review

Title : Mirror Mirror
Release Date : 29 March 2012
Genre : Fantasy, Comedy


Director : Tarsem Singh
Cast : Lily Collins, Julia Robers, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane


Starring Oscar®-winner Julia Roberts

and breakout star Lilly Collins
(“The Blind Side” &; “Priest”), and evil Queen (Roberts) steals control of a kingdom, and an exiled
princess (Collins) enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright in a
spirited adventure comedy filled with jealousy, romance, and betrayal that will capture the
imagination of audiences the world over. The film also stars Armie Hammer (“The Social
Network”) as the object of their affection, Prince Andrew Alcott, and Nathan Lane (“The
Birdcage”) as the hapless and bungling servant to the Queen.


 Julia Roberts doesn't look that evil after all, but she is definitely a good 'bitchy' queen I can say. Along with the evil queen is the good helper Nathan Lane,
he is an important supporting role in this movie. After he turn into a cockroach, I can't forget that he actually say, 'the grasshopper take advantage of me'. It's kinda 18SX if you understand the meaning.

The Prince, Armie Hammer
is able to handle 2 characters well, one as a prince who always come naked, in love with the princess and on the other hand the prince who fall for the love portion from the evil queen. The puppy character is like wow! How could you act like a puppy!

For Lilly Collins
She suits to be the princess, being quite innocent, intelligent and brave when fighting the evil queen. What I think really helps Collins in this movie would be the 7 dwarves! You won't forget them.

Having the dwarves constantly steal our attention makes the show very interesting. How one of them says, Its between US. Their expression impressed me.

Besides that, their costume is kinda colorful, nice and attractive. Even if the movie is not nice, maybe checking out the costumes is cool enough.
So overall, kinda funny, some laughter here and there, not really scarry unless the puppet part, and lastly I didn't really expect the ending, so I assume it's a good plot for me.
Make sure you watch till the end, now I understand why at the end Collins sing and dance like those Bollywood movie! The director is from India.  (Highlight the text if you want to check it out.)


Plot: 7.5/10
Action: 6.5/10
Comedy: 7.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10


Thank you Nuffnang GPlus for the media screening.
All picture credits to NEF (Nusantara Edaran Filem)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Niu Chen-zer Film 《Love 愛》 2012

LOVE_Poster_In Cinemas 22 March.jpg

《Love 愛》


Actor/Actress: Doze Niu (鈕承澤), Ethan Juan 阮經天, Mark Zhao 趙又廷, Eddie 彭于晏, Shu Qi 舒淇, Zhao Wei 趙薇, Zvy Chen 陳意涵, Amber Guo 郭采潔
Director:  Doze Niu (鈕承澤)


This is a story that happened between two cities, Taipei and Beijing, a story about eight lonely souls searching for happy endings. Everything that happened and every sacrifice that was made was all for LOVE.

Ni comes from a wealth family. As the captain of a bicycle racing team of the college everything seems perfect until the day she finds out that her life tangled in a three people relationship. Ni's best friend YiJia was pregnant with her boyfriend Kai after a one night affair. Betrayed by the boyfriend and the best friend, Ni is going crazy. She needs answers.
(Ni and Kai)

Kai realized that he had made the biggest mistake of his life, but he is in love with Ni. Running away is not the answer. He needs to get her back. All this while, YiJia is also torned by this situation, and decided that she will end this by getting an abortion. But after a series of wild emotional rampage, Ni realize that she is not the only victim and her loving nature made her admit that she cant afford to lose either of them.
(Zoe and Mr Lu)

Mr Lu, the father of Ni, as a successful middle age businessman who lives in a glamorous life style with a charming movie star girlfriend Zoe by his side. Lu leads a lifestyle that is the envy of everyone. However when Lu is ready for marriage, he finds out that Zoe is no longer infatuated with him. In fact, Zoe is a lonely woman who needs someone to wake her up from the vanity around her. When she meet waiter Kuan, the brother of Yi Jia, she is attracted by his sweet personality and life of wisdom. Between Mr Lu and Kuan, Zoe faces the biggest choice of her life.

Lu's business partner, Mark, is from Taipei. Mark is a ladies man and he always and only dates women who are young, beautiful and chic. His fondest memories were from living with father, who has passed away, in the Chinese old-style courtyard house. Therefore, after his much business success, Mark always wanted to buy a Chinese old-style courtyard house in Beijing.

(Mark and XiaoYe)

XiaoYe is a single mother working in Beijing as a real estate agent. She is not young, nor is she stylish. She spends most of her time and energy taking care of her five years old son. One day, Mark meets XiaoYe looking for a place to buy. Through the process, Mark starts to develop feelings for XiaoYe and also her son. 


This movie is clearly similar with English movies like Valentine's Day and New Years Eve. It is also same with Chinese movies like Love in Space (全球热恋) directed by Tony Chan.

It should be a movie on cinema during Valentine's day but somehow a delay screening for Malaysia?
Alright back to the actor and actress, somehow I feel Zoe ( 舒淇) and Doze Niu (鈕承澤) really fits the character, Zoe really have the looks of relying on middle age man to live and the middle age man would be Doze Niu. The chemistry is there, and the actors that play the role do really helped.

Plot also shows a complicated relationship. Whereby not all relationship is perfect.
Like Mark (趙又廷), he doesn't have confidence in relationship, while for Kai (彭于晏) really love Ni but had sex with YiJia and is a dad now.


Plot: 7/10
Actor/Actress: 7/10
Expression/Chemistry: 6.5/10
Overall 7/10


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