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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bare Your Heart & Soul With Kenny G

The moment where you turn on the radio, 
and you dislike listening to all the DJ's talking,

Yeah! And you are just so stressed up, doesn't want to listen to those hit song like Dancing in the Dark by DEV.

What came into my mind is, I just want to listen to some chillax songs, so USB would be my only choice tofind some chillax saxophone songs by 
I have a folder that store all his songs.

Seriously, I'm not a person who always listen to rap and R&B songs. I want to have a peaceful mindset when I'm in the car driving especially in Malaysia, there is JAM where ever you go!

For me, Kenny G is like the moon in the sky, sometimes when it's so round and bright, you tend to look at it and say wow! that's so nice! It's the same as, if you want me to describe his saxophone songs to me.
When you listen to it, you never get bored of his music. I admired his music because with his saxophone, he can brings out and let you feel the meaning of the song. 
This is why he is my phenomenal star. Talented, precious and low profile!

Kenny G is famous for his songs like Wedding song, Forever in love, Songbird, The Moment and etc.
Catch him live at Genting Arena of Stars, 19 May 2012, 8pm.

Ticket price starts from RM130.
Official website:

Please let me win this tickets, because you don't wanna see me playing saxophone in the house and get complains from the neighbor!
introducing myself - Kenny Baboon!

This is a contest post for Nuffnang!

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