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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maxis Contest 2012: Launch Your Way To Gold

This contest has up to 5 categories to join!

1. Olympian a-Like
do you think you look like Lee Chong Wei? Snap a photo and upload it!

2. Tributes to our olympians
submit your most creative tribute to our Olympians.

3. Captioned by Fans
photos are given, and submit your most creative captions.

4. Rings of Creativity
Olympic logo is famous for 5 rings, create your own rings with anything you like.

5. Malaysia's new rally cry
you can inspire our nation by creating a powerful slogan if Malaysia were to host the Olympics in Malaysia.

PRIZES (For more info on Prizes like iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Tab and etc check it out HERE)

For EACH category, the Grand Prize is a SOLID GOLD MEDAL worth RM12,000
Selected by panel of Maxis Sports Ambassadors

Hurry up! Send in your submission now and share out to your friends to ask them vote!
For more info regarding the contest, check it out HERE.

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