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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

P1 MiFi MF230 your personal 4G WiFi

We are so hooked up on the internet because internet brings us so much convenience! It is actually become a habit for all of us to use the internet. Doesn't matter if you are using smartphone to check out Facebook or Twitter, you are still using the internet.

I do hangout with my friends, and sometimes they bring out their i-devices. But the problem is they doesn't have mobile internet connection, worst come to worst they even ask:"eh Baboon, turn on your WiFi personal hotspot!" Frankly speaking, I'm okay with it, but do understand that I do pay my bills also you know?

P1 had introduced the new MiFi MF230
in conjunction with 'The Dark Knight Rises' movie blockbluster.
For my friends who keeps asking me to turn on my hotspot, continue read this!

You might be wondering WHAT is MiFi?
It is short for 'My WiFi'. It is a revolutionary device designed by P1 that is able to tether up to 5 devices wirelessly and one more via USB. Total 6 devices together.

In case you didn't know it is also with the latest 4G Wi-Fi.

WHY choose P1 MF230 ?
If you are a person who uses up to 5 WiFi enabled devices and require an affordable broadband connection while on the go, this is what you need!

I understand one of the reasons why i-devices (like smart phone and tablet) user does not subscribe to mobile internet, it is the PRICE. It is expensive and the quota is ridiculously low. For what I'm using right now, it's actually 500MB/month, and if you still want me to share my connection with my friends, I think it is not enough.

Let me ask you if you do not have an internet then what is the purpose of having all your i-devices? Now you see how stressful it is just to get connected to the internet?

It's okay! For just a once-off RM100 you get to use the MiFi modem plus a monthly fee of RM39 (ToGo plan) to use the 4G internet. You can always opt for the mid to high plans which offer uncapped speed and up to 10GB usage quota. You can also use it with OnePlan or as an add-on to the ForHome plan.

It's the P1 MF230!
It is also PORTABLE.
When I first get my smart phone, I prefer to use public WiFi whenever I go out. It's free isn't it?
But how reliable is the connection? You might not aware, but public WiFi is harmful and some hackers use this as their techniques to hack your account when you log in to your e-mail or bank account.

Another problem that I encounter is that the speed is ridiculously slow, can't even load a twitter timeline? That's frustrating and I stop using the WiFi. Guess now you know why I start to have my own mobile internet.

Back to devices MF230, it is actually portable enough and you can bring it everywhere u go. Convenient enough?
It is so handy in hand.
Bring it everywhere!

What are you waiting for? Start create your own personal hotspot 4G WiFi. 
As Michael ( P1 CEO) said, "P1 plans are designed for value." With P1 MiFi get ready to rise by using your cool and sleek gadgets. You can start tether with your laptop, smart phone, tablet, WiFi camera and gaming device.

The information is correct at the time of posting.


  1. RM 39 per month is really damn cheap!
    I was bound by contract now, gonna change it when it ends :D

  2. @Charmaine, yeah but remember there is a quota also! :)

  3. I finish my 6gb quota in 3 days. Dont know what to do now. Connecfion too slow



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