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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Baboon EAT: Alicafe Tigarasa Restaurant

Power Root is well known for it's Alicafe and Kacip Fatimah drinks. But they are now venture into the culinary business and they started by opening the first  Alicafe Tigarasa Restaurant at USJ since December 2011.


The environment

 What makes it so special about this restaurant? Just by the name of the restaurant Tigarasa which stands for the uniquely prepared traditional Malay sauces.

Gulai Lemak- creamy coconut sauce as its main base, enhance with blend of kunyit, sambal and lemongrass.

Sambal Lemak- made by chilies, garlic, coconut milk and other spices

Sambal Hebi-Hiam- made by dried shrimps, curry leaves, onions and garlic

Efdi explaining to us about the dishes
This is the 3 secret of Alicafe Tigarasa. You can always enjoy the TigaRasa sauces with choices of grilled ikan pari (stringray) or ikan selar (yellow tail scad), grilled lamb, grilled chicken or grilled mix vegetables serve with hot plates.

Ikan Pari with Gulai Lemak
love the taste, in fact I don't think it's spicy enough for me.

Grilled Lamb Chop with Sambal Lemak
at first, I didn't want to try until Efdi tell me that the sambal will eventually cover the lamb smell (if you don't like the smell, you will know what I mean). So I really try it, and yes the sambal really cover the smell.

Grilled Mix Vegetables with Sambal Hebi-Hiam
long bean, brinjal and lady fingers, you can always opt for adding extra cili padi for extra kick.

I also had the chance to try the 
Siakap Tomyam
taste moderate spicy with a little sweetness after u swallowed it, remember to taste the tomyam soup around the fish first, because it taste good!

Curry Fish Head
same with other dish, curry is mild spicy.

In conjunction with Ramadan month, special promotion set for 4-5person starting for RM69.90 includes
Siakap Fish, Fried Chicken, Scrambled Eggs, Tigarasa grill vegetables, Hokkaido cakes (dessert), Kurma dates and Alicafe's home made Pati Kurma Madu drinks.
You can always opt for a single set for RM10.90 that includes drink, kurma dates, a main course and Hokkaido cake as dessert.

I get to try the Pati Kurma Madu drinks, it is seriously awesome to chill you down after having a few dishes of spicy sambal, and it taste great and it's not that sweet after all.

Here you get to taste the authentic Malay cuisine with some other variety of dishes. Trust me the TigaRasa sambal will not disappoint you.
With the bloggers

Business Hours: 8am - 12am (midnight)
Tel: 03-80119412
No.8, Jalan USJ 10/1H, Subang Business Centre, 47620 Selangor.
GPS Coordinate: 3.04817, 101.68677 


  1. Wow, everything gives me an impression that it's super spicy. But it looks authentic though!



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