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Monday, May 13, 2013

I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

Good morning everyone,
this is Captain Baboon Tan reporting in! 

oh well, the same old history I have to repeat again.
I am well known for guiding my troopers to explore the jungle! 500 kilometre width and 500 kilometre length  had been explore by ME ! Yes I repeat it's ME! (believe me!)

My beloved troopers asked, 
What are my explorer characteristics?
I told them, I have the gut to take my first step to explore the hidden areas, and that's obviously I am BRAVE
(btw I don't know how to use a bow.)

But there is no point being brave, when you don't even know how to be observant, oh yes!
I have good ANALYTICAL skills!
I am able to use my brain effectively to analyze situation.

lastly we have to stay CALM at all times, because you might not know, the next moment you will be encountering bad ass enemy!

The most recent adventure is to backpack with my girlfriend to Cambodia!

One of the CHALLENGES we face is to adopt to the weather and environment.
The weather is so hot compare to Malaysia and the surroundings is so dusty and "sandy".
Thank god we have sunblock and sunglasses to protect our skin and eyes.
This is how we overcome it.

Another challenges is communication.
They speak their mother tongue and not many of them know how to speak English, including taxi drivers.
So yeah, it took quite some time to explain to them where are we heading to during the trip.
How do I overcome them? I will make sure I am very patient and I have to admit they are very nice too.

and lastly, planning
It took about 2 weeks to make a detailed plan for this trip. This makes me understand how important is it to plan ahead the trip, this will ensure we really know what are the routes, transport, visit places and etc.

Well, although I did plan before the trip, but I still need my essential gadgets!
My smart phone
the reason being is that when It is difficult to communicate with them, I can just use my phone translator to communicate with them.
When I get lost, I will rely on my phone to use Google Map, in order to bring me back to my rest area.

and I can even used it to take photos, without using my digital camera!

Lastly, we no longer require a huge and big TV to watch Astro!
I can now watch my favourite football match with the Astro On-The-Go using my tablet or smartphone and at the same time exploring my journey around the world in 365 days. 
(well, hope I can really achieve it next time)

I hope I can join this event, because I don't want to be a loser! :D

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  1. Tahniah dapt jumpa anda kat sana memang best and seronok sgt event ni kan...



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