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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunway Lagoon - Vuvuzela (largest water ride in Malaysia)

Sunway Lagoon (Asia’s Best Attraction)
Introduces The Vuvuzela
The World’s Largest Water Ride Splashes Down In Malaysia!

 The best part is riders will be launched from a 30-meters (11 stories) high tower, and plunges into a 152 meters ride that is designed to resemble the rough rapids of a turbulent river! To top it off, the ride ends with a plummet into the world’s largest water funnel, spanning 22 meters in diameter

Vuvuzela also comes equipped with its own elevator, which takes rafts up to the launch deck. You will experience up to 5 thrilling oscillations in the world’s largest water funnel before being shot out back into the enclosed flume

Finally, I would like to join Nuffnang for a bloggers’ day-out at Sunway Lagoon because I had been lacking time to entertain myself since I start working, it’s time to bond with the bloggers now!

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